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Nguyen Van Bai. Biography. Fighting. A photo.
Nguyen Van Bai. Biography. Fighting. A photo.

Nguyen Van Bai. Biography. Fighting. A photo.



Nguyen was one of the most famous North Vietnamese aces. He won 7 victories over the Americans.

1963 autumn, one of the pilot Air Laos He surpassed his T-28 north Vietnamese. He decided to use against American and Laotian aircraft regularly violate the airspace of Vietnam. Long enough to intercept all attempts were nerezultatnymi.

Nguyen Van Bay. Biography. Fighting. Photo. 1


Success came 15.02.1964 of Radar found in 22.30 American plane. He walked north along the Ho Chi Minh trail, heading for Hoiksuanyu. Nguyen Van Bay was ordered to take off. At the height of the pilot found 500 m twin-engine aircraftNguyen gave him 2 of the queue. The enemy fell in the forest near the border with Laos. From the crew survived by one person.

Nguyen Van Bay. Biography. Fighting. Photo. 2


About combat activity Nguyen almost no information. It is known only that he was held training in the USSR.

Here are a few episodes of the war.

Mr. 24.04.1967 24 appeared over Hanoi US aircraft raid raised to reflect the level of MiG 2-17. The pilots of the first link (These included Nguyen) reported the pair downed their "phantom", the third "Phantom" knocked the second link.

Nguyen Van Bay. Biography. Fighting. Photo. 3


The raid involved planes from the aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk", according to the Americans was lost One F-4B; Yankees indicated that he shot down the Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners.

In 1967 Ho Chi Minh personally awarded 7 pilots for the differences in the fighting, among them was Nguyen Van Bay.


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