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Inconsistencies and the strange circumstances of the disappearance and collapse of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing
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Inconsistencies and the strange circumstances of the disappearance and collapse of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing

Inconsistencies and the strange circumstances of the disappearance and collapse of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing



July 17 crashed plane Malaysian airlines Malaysia Airlines, Boeing 777. Killed 298 passengers and crew, the aircraft was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. On the trouble, MH17 lodge plane flight over the war-torn Ukraine, and in particular through the Donetsk People's Republic. Standard flight. The Malaysian company is known among carriers for their safety. Their versions of what happened put forward Ukraine, Russia, and why the United States. Strangely, what relationship, a country located thousands of miles away from the tragedy, so quick to respond to a disaster in another part of the globe. Yes, and with ready-made versions of accusations against the Russian armed forces.

Omit the version announced by various governments. All Internet and news channels were clogged variants opinions about this tragedy.

We turn our attention to some inconsistencies, absurdities and the strange circumstances of the crash.

Malaysia Airlines 324

Let's start with the fact that many experts and representatives of the countries agreed on the opinion that the basic version of wreck of the ship, the aircraft is a version of the explosion of class "surface-to-air" missiles, released "Book" of a complex of SAM. However, according to recent data:

International experts working on sitethe collapse of the Malaysian "Boeing 777»We completed the first stage of searching, finding themselves at a dead end. The experts were not able to collect and examine the wreckage of an airliner, and thus prove the version of a missile attack aircraft, most likely, will not work.

Remember the strange disappearance of the same Boeing 777, the same Malaysian Airlines in March this year. The aircraft did not in fact been found, as it was not found significantly, the place of his fall into the ocean. In addition to oily stains on the surface of the ocean could not find any subject matter of the missing airliner. What we remember is the disappearance? And the fact that recently appeared in the global network, it is a viable version that the plane did not disappear just like that. Allegedly, the plane was hijacked and imprisoned at the US military base in Diego Garcia.


Control over the ocean


The US base of Diego Garcia atoll is located on part of the Chagos Archipelago. This 1600 km. To the south peninsula Hindustan. The base, stuffed with warships tracking tools, radio intercepts, satellite direction-finding means and control, is almost in the center of the Indian Ocean. Through this atoll are virtually all air and maritime traffic routes. That is, the US military has the ability to control the movement of all vehicles in the area. And it is strange that the disappearance of the passenger liner and they passed unnoticed. The plane, sat down on the basis of the US Navy, was prepared for the secret operation and then transferred to the Netherlands. Then, when the day of the «X», the plane flies over the standard route MH17.

Note. The identification number of the missing Boeing 777 flight MH370 - 9M-MRO, and MH17 flight number of the deceased in the sky Donetsk 9M-MRD. The rooms are very similar. The difference in one letter.

Malaysia Airlines 434

More oddities with passengers "inhabited" strange flight. The following data were obtained by users of Facebook, which are based on the vision in the passports of the news, we have inspected some of the dead persons. I found a very interesting pattern: all the passengers, and children and adults were registered as users of the network Facebook. Further more, they have registered on the same day (!?), April 21, after almost two months after the strange disappearance of B 777. It is well known that Facebook was founded by American "experts", in particular the CIA. Therefore, the following special activity on the pages in Facebook, the victims had no passengers.

With passports found at the crash site, everything is not easy. There have already traced some parallels with the tragedy of September 11 America. And here and there are brand new (!) Passport without a trace of smoke, fumes or soot. Just brand new !?

Since, most of the passengers (139 people) were the Dutch, it is not surprising that most of the passports found were citizens of the Netherlands passport. Yes, but why some of them with holes? And the photos were clearly visible! And thus deemed invalid passports in the Netherlands.


Passengers and relatives? Dead Souls?


The hero, the immortal works of Gogol, would have marveled at the ingenuity, and at the same time the infinite stupidity and banality, the specials. services, which probably had a hand in the tragedy in the skies of Ukraine. Those soldiers of the People's Militia, which were directly at the crash site, celebrated a strong putrid smell. Despite the intense heat, and an explosion on board, the body in such a short period can not begin to decompose, and exude a strong odor. A militia fighters, provoevavshih than one month, it is difficult to suspect the lack of experience with corpses. Then the strange behavior of the bereaved relatives.

Malaysia Airlines 43324

Everybody knows how the media love to savor the tragedy of the close relatives of the victims. All the news channels filled with photos and videos of people sadly mourn their loved ones. Establish a committee of relatives, they require a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the death. In general, masmedia fulfill their bread in full. In this case, we have a complete silence. Strange, if not sinister. Even the Internet. Maybe because there was a virtual dead relatives virtual? Or just the scenario of the tragedy has not been thought through to the end? Or maybe just something went wrong in the overseas directors? Questions still remain more than answers. Especially since the answer then we no one is going. All interested parties, well, like what would philistine mass thrown them ate a piece of information and does not ask too many inconvenient questions.

A version with American special. services, it is viable and has a right to exist. In any case, until it becomes known the true reason and background of the July tragedy.

Valery Smirnov specifically



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The crash occurred in March 8!