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MQ-1C Grey Eagle
MQ-1C Grey Eagle

MQ-1C Grey Eagle

UAV General Atomics Sky Warrior due to modernization renamed MQ-1C Grey Eagle, it refers to a multi-purpose tactical UAVs. Unlike other members of this branch of the UAV has uprated range. It was designed based on UAV MQ-1 Predator specially commissioned by the US Air Force. In 2002 was Mission Army announced a tender under ERMP program to create a decent replacement of the Israeli UAV IAI RQ-5 Hunter. In the course of the contest were revealed only two decent choices: improved version of the RQ-5 and the Sky Warrior. After many tests later 3 Year contest won the second bidder. As a result, the Air Force has ordered 11 systems 12 5 units UAVs and ground control stations each.

The first test flight took place in Sky Warrior October 2004 years. The project enjoyed the customer, and after some improvements in 2009 year had already started to apply in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2010 year UAV has received a new name - MQ-1C Grey Eagle. And in September, the US Army has officially confirmed rumors about deployment of systems 4 Grey Eagle in Afghanistan.

Although MQ-1S was made based on Predator, though they differ from each other. In particular, in comparison with the base model Sky Warrior has a wing on a large scale. Fixed engine Thielert Centurion 1.7 more optimized for the flight and maneuver at high altitudes. Having reached the height of 7620 m UAV is able to hold in the air 36 hours, while its combat radius of application is 370 km. The forward fuselage increased more because at this point the engineers have installed synthetic aperture radar beam. Through this UAV can operate in a mode of mapping. Also new was the installation of the serial UAVs multispectral survey of AAS-52.

MQ-1C Grey Eagle. Characteristics:

Modification MQ-1C
Wingspan, m 17.07
Aircraft Length m 8.53
Height, m 2.06
Weight, kg  
null 1452
maximum take-off 1633
engine's type 1 DD Thielert Centurion 1.7
Power, hp X 1 145
Maximum speed km / h 250
Cruising speed, km / h 195
Radius of action, km 370
Flight duration, h 36
Practical ceiling, m 8840
Armament: to 363 kg of weapons, including four UR "air-surface" AGM-114 Hellfire and KAB GBU-44 / N Viper Strike on four underwing pylons
Payload: 261 kg to target equipment, including radar Northrop Grumman ZPY-1 STARLite, gyrostabilized ventral turret Raytheon AAS-52 with optoelectronic and infrared sensors, laser target designator


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