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The Moscow School of flight attendants
The Moscow School of flight attendants

The Moscow School of flight attendants



LEU "School of flight attendants" was created by decree of the Department of Air Transport on February 17 1995-13 Far East with the aim of quality training of flight attendants and increase safety. The aim of LEU "Flight Attendant School" is: to improve the education of youth programs and education, development of software and training materials to train flight attendants, flight attendants work services, conducting and organization of seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other activities in the area of ​​their work.

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Flight attendants, instructors, teachers, engineers and technicians have extensive experience, basic higher education and certified by the relevant authorities. Increasing the qualifications of teaching staff takes place at the Academy of Civil Aviation, Ilyushin Design Bureau, Tupolev design bureau, the CPU "Austrian Airlines" CPU "Lufthansa", which concluded the agreement on joint work on the preparation of the Russian aviation personnel, including flight and cabin crew.

Programs are based on the preparation of emergency standard procedures CPU "Lufthansa" airline service standards, "Austrian Airlines", are compliance with ICAO requirements and correspond to the requirements of the Russian legislation the air. "SB" is developing constantly new programs and technologies for training of aviation personnel employed in the sector of aviation business and its customers offering them, so for example, introduced a new program "Organization of service of the Chief of the passenger and the VIP passengers on airplanes with a layout" salon "in the corporate aviation" and some other programs that are focused on increasing the competitiveness of Russian aviation companies.

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"SB" training base located in Sheremetyevo-1.5, based MSTUCA educational complex, which consists of training aircraft, training classes, fire simulator procedural simulators. For working conditions in the work of crews of evacuation on the water not far from the training base lease pool. The base is equipped with the necessary equipment, which allows the educational process, both theoretically and practically. The program of the initial training of flight attendants included 120 hours of practical training in training on procedural aircraft simulators and on the ground, swimming pool and fire simulator. The program also introduced the CPC mandatory training on simulators.

Accreditations, licenses, inspection and certification of "SB":

  • License for activities of education for education programs by the number 029188 1 2011 senyatbrya years and accreditation of the Ministry of Education Professionals
  • Certificate Aviation Training Center of the RF Ministry FATA number 39 for activities of education from 29.06.2012.
  • ACOG Certificate of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation for training on dangerous goods
  • On the basis of "SB" establish a working group WG WCC number 11

LEU "School of flight attendants" for all types of training are certified to the following types of aircraft:

IL-62, IL-18. IL-96, IL-86, Tu-134, IL-114, Tu-204, Tu-154, Yak-40, Tu-214, Falcon-20, Yak-42, BAE-125, Falcon-900, A-319/320/321, A-310, Boeing-737, A-330, Boeing-767, Boeing-737NG, Boeing-777, Boeing-757, Embraer-135, Mi-8, An-24, An-74, Challenger-604, Bae-125, ATR-42,CRJ-100 / 200.

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All certificates and licenses issued by "SB" after testing the aircraft competent authorities ACOG Rosaviation audited employees airline "Lufthansa" before the signing of a cooperation agreement. The representative of the department of aviation security of civil aviation in Canada has verified the "SB" on compliance with the cabin crew training standards of ICAO in Russia. They wrote a positive review of the activities of "SB."

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