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Modular aircraft. Innovative security system.
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Modular aircraft. Innovative security system.

Modular aircraft. Innovative security system.


When it comes to flight safety, the first thing faced by the world's leading experts, is the inability to predict the specific situation or state of emergency, as a result, improve the narrow focus in some cases, may save the lives of hundreds of passengers, however, in the event of an emergency situation, to avoid a dangerous situation or a disaster is unlikely.



It is possible that a modular passenger aircraft will minimize any gaps in the safety of flights, thus allowing to save each year hundreds of human lives, which in turn may be one of the biggest breakthroughs for civil aviation, on the state of emergency in which we hear more and more often.


Technology modular planes were worked nemeytskimi aircraft manufacturers still in 40-ies of the last century, however, it has not been implemented


The essence of this innovative approach is that the design of passenger aircraft is represented as individual modules, manned by a single fuselage, and performs all its functions. However, the fundamental difference between the modular design is to provide security for every group of passengers which are located in a separate module, in particular in the case of loss of control of the aircraft, of a disaster with an engine failure and subsequent inevitable fall, attempting to destroy the aircraft from the air, and from the earth and the like, modular compartments can be divided, and in view of ensuring the autonomy of each module of the system soft landing (parachute - approx. eds.), Life, the positive effect of swimming and the like, the chance of survival of the passengers, or part of the people on board (in the case of damage to the module - approx. eds.), is sufficiently large.



It may be some issues with the implementation of this project, in particular, the autonomy of the modules and their separation if necessary. In fact, the cameras themselves modules, to be made of the same materials that are present in conventional aircraft, but, in the end of the module must install special hermetic doors or partitions which can separate one piece from another by direct preparation for takeoff, and connect when landing. As to the separation operation, it is likely that, in this case, use computer control, triggered in the event of dangerous situations, such as an explosion, a sharp roll, loss of control, etc., And, "otstrelivanie" modules can be carried out mechanically way, and explosive (similar technology is already used in practice in many countries).


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