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Before the aircraft specification was developed in Great Britain, as the towing targets used different versions of obsolete aircraft. Of course, the disadvantages of this practice are obvious, most acutely, they appeared on the eve of the war.

Prototype towing M.50Martinet first flew 24.04.1942 years, it has been designed on the basis of existing aircraft Master Mk II. The main difference of the new machine was significantly lengthened the bow, to compensate for the total weight of the equipment that is towed. The reworked cockpit winch was installed, which worked on the wind turbine or electric. It was also equipped with a seat for the operator control and a special compartment, which contained the target. When the flight M.50 Martinet could take just 6 targets, such as a sleeve or flags. The Air Force began using this machine with 1942 year and before the end of the war. During this period of time it was made 1724 such machines.

Starting with 1946 years, it was held deep modernization of unmanned tug, which is designated as M.50 Queen Martinet. The machine is controlled remotely from a ground control station. Unused quickly made 11 and 54 machines converted from standard devices. It should be noted that this is the first time in Great Britain, specialized tugs, which were in service.

There were also options for the design of aircraft to tow gliders, which were made on the basis of previous models. Such devices were manufactured only two.

Flight performance aircraft M.50 Martinet quite good. The whole process of the flight provided the power plant, consisting of a single motor, which has a capacity of 870 horsepower. This allowed us to rise to the height of 7,7 kilometers and dispersed to 386 km / h.

Miles M.50 QUEEN MARTINET. Characteristics:

Modification M.25
Wingspan, m 11.89
Length m 9.42
Height, m 3.53
Wing area, m2 22.48
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 2105
maximum take-off 3060
engine's type 1 PD Bristol Mercury XX (XXX)
Power, hp X 1 870
Maximum speed km / h 386
Cruising speed, km / h 347
Practical range, km 1120
Practical ceiling, m 7700
Crew 2


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