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BBLA "Scat" has become one of the most unexpected and interesting novelties at MAKS-2007. Jet combat drone was developed by designers of the Russian corporation "MiG".

The device is made by a little-known scheme of "flying wing" and has no tail

plumage. The structure is composed largely of composite materials.

BBLA housing is designed as a triangle with a sweep angle 54 degrees leading edge and cut at right angle wingtips. If a top and bottom of the machine there is the use of elements intended to reduce its radar signature, namely: the use of external contours of the airframe, the valves and hatches niches panel joints. The main aerodynamic governing bodies are multifunctional device deflecting surface, which are located on the trailing edge of the wing consoles. With their help, control is performed both pitch and roll, and also produces aerodynamic drag. On prifyuzelyazhnyh parts of the center section with forward-swept at the trailing edge control surfaces are additional.

Powerplant BBLA "Scat" is presented besforsazhny turbojet engine RD-5000B, which is a modification of the two engines RD-93 (used on the MiG-29) and comes to reduce radar visibility flat nozzle.

At the top of the bow is BBLA unregulated engine intake.

Inside the body drone on each side of the power plant and the air channel are the engine compartment of 2 4,4 m in length to accommodate the payload. In each of these sections can be placed on a missile of class "air-radar" or "air-surface" or by a bomb weighing a charge to 500 kg.

The presentation BBLA "Scat" was equipped with bombs KAB-500Kr and missiles "air-radar" X 31P. The developers claim that the most can be downloaded into the unit 2000 kg payload.

"Scat" is equipped with conventional landing gear of the aircraft type, through which runs its landing and taking off at the airfield tracks. The chassis is made retractable, on a three-point scheme. Each rack is mounted on one wheel. Retracting the front support stand with lever comes into the compartment housing back on the flight, the rest of the support lever type and also cleaned in a niche of center.

BBLA "Scat" is designed to destroy enemy forces in heavy concentration of enemy anti-aircraft guns, air defense, marine and land moving and stationary targets. It may operate both independently and in a group with other aircraft.

Precise data on the composition of avionics BBLA "Scat" yet, but presumably it includes have autonomous targeting systems to identify and recognize the goals and further use them weapons and the means of electronic warfare and reconnaissance to ensure their own survival in battle.

The maximum speed of the machine on the surface height of 800 km / h.

MiG SKAT Impact UAV. Characteristics:

Modification Scat
Wingspan, m 11.50
Length m 10.25
Height, m 2.70
Weight, kg 138
maximum take-off 10000
engine's type 1 turbofan RD-5000B
Thrust, kgf X 1 5040
Maximum speed km / h 800 (M = 0.8)
Practical range, km 4000
Practical ceiling, m 12000


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