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The history of the aircraft is very mysterious. the original data is not found in the present time about where the project took MiG-37. The plane was not built, but Western countries believe in its existence, and the Italian firm that manufactures Italeri model, has created his model. How she managed to get drawings of MiG-37?


On one of the UK Forum gives the following explanation of this mysterious fact. In the middle of 80-ies between US aerospace companies waged a struggle for large orders for the production of stealth aircraft such as "Stealth." Representatives of the companies have had to convince the government to provide them money. Powerful argument was alleged appearance in the USSR similar MiG-37 Ferret. That is especially for the US Air Force has built a model of the Soviet stealth aircraft. The venture was successful, and the US Congress have allocated enough money to amplify their impact air fleet of the "stealth" aircraft. By the way, this version is confirmed by the fact that the MiG-37 very similar to the Northrop ATF concept.


Thus was born a qualitative sample of alternative aircraft, which still is debate among fans of the history of aviation.


For the first time the real existence of the MiG-37 reported in one of the British magazines. Author Nick Cook pointed out that in the Soviet Union built a fifth-generation aircraft with one engine afterburning turbojet. The design of the mechanism used multi-axis thrust direction. Following the establishment of the British myth of the mysterious aircraft he was picked up by the Russian press, but here it became known as the MiG-35. On the existence of a top-secret new aircraft spoke Deputy Minister of Anti-Monopoly Ministry Laptev, Marshal Shaposhnikov and the pilot Magomed Tolboev. All lied so refined that even the media to believe in the truth of their words. Tales from the newspapers quickly moved in scientific journals, but the truth in the end managed to establish. TV people do it 12.01.1999, when filmed in a hangar not MiG-35And 1.44.


One of the magazines described the American F-117A and mentioned the Stealth Russian MiG-37. Even attached photos "mysterious" plane in which he makes a landing at sunset. With this panorama fighter turned into a dark silhouette. It was very similar to the F-117A, but the engines did not merge with the cowl and wings, like 117-th. The wings were outstretched, keystone. It is likely that this picture has been forged to create a sensation. However, Russia believes that the photograph was Su-47 «Berkut", The plane swept, the draft of which had a higher degree of privacy to 1997 years.


Some sources claim that the first flight of MiG-37 1988 was held in the year, even in NATO gave it the name Ferret, which is very close in meaning to the Stealth. Why was the plane called 37? It was the last MiG-31. Most likely, 33 and 35 were reserved for projects of light and heavy multi-role fighters. Heavy fighter in the Western press began to call MiG-39, we have it is better known as the IFIs. 33-th now called the MiG-29M. The foreign press also speaks about the existence of triplane, created on the basis of Su-37 и MiG-29But it is unconfirmed information.




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"MiG" with serial number "37" is so mysterious that it is questionable whether he exists at all. Or stealth-technology applied to it, have reached such an unprecedented level that made it really invisible? But abroad, based on blurry photos taken from space on some "very, very secret airfield", does replicate plastic copy of the American competitor "Raptor". Based on the mention in this context actually existing the F-22, you can guess what it is about 1.44 Mig - multirole fighter project, the only copy of which survives his life somewhere in the hangar. The plane was to serve as the basis for a new generation of aircraft. A defining moment in the design of software were cruising supersonic speed, super-maneuverability and stealth in all spectra. MiG 1.44 served mainly for testing the design and aerodynamic configuration of the car of the future. Avionics was far from complete and completed only for the basic modes of flight, armaments suspension is also not carried out. But again, "there was a turnaround in the country", and the priority was not chosen to develop a new and modernization of existing aircraft. The role of the MiG 1.44 was noted as important in terms of long-term creation of the next generation of aircraft - all thanks, all free.

I heard a different story: our "soyuznichki" saw no ordinary zachehlёnny tarpaulin plane, and have realized that the Russian again something bad came up, and they "soyuznichki", not reported. As it turned out, it was a MiG-29.

Michael, you're as ignorant girl-ptushnitsa. Firstly, the "unusual" is written as one word, and secondly, before the "and" a comma is not necessary, thirdly, to spell correctly: "... and they (" allies ") are not reported." And fourthly, "As it turned out," written without the soft sign!
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