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Mi-35M. Photo. Story. Characteristics.


Mi-35M is the export version of the Russian Mi-24. Both machines are developments Mil design bureau. This machine is made for the Ministry of Defence and for export. The main objective is to destroy the enemy Mi35M armored vehicles, as well as conducting fire support for ground troops. The helicopter can be used as a car for the transportation of troops and various cargoes. Often, such a device is used in rescue operations.

The name of the Mi-35M was first used to refer to the machine Mi-24V which exported across the border to 1976 years. Under the brand Mi-35 there are many export modifications. They had their own characteristics and have been worked out to perform different tasks. Standard machine Mi-35 was a special sight and equipped with an engine that was manufactured at the plant "Motor Sich".

Mi-35M 2

There are many other devices that are equipped for special operations: a variety of special weapons and combat systems that produce accurate fire on the enemy, regardless of time of day and visibility. As for the machines Mi-35M, it has three options for its design and layout. The prototype was manufactured trochanter early 1995 year.

Mi-35M is a deep modernization of the Mi-24, which has a reputation of reliable combat vehicle. It provided reliable assistance to our soldiers during combat operations, at the expense of the helicopter nicknamed "Crocodile". Today manufacturer Mi-35M engaged in Rostov Helicopter Plant, which is called "Rosvertol."

Mi-35M series

There are many orders from foreign and Russian clients. The Ministry of Defence of our country at the beginning of the year 2010 22 ordered combat vehicles of the class, all of these phones is planned to produce up to 2015 years. Within two years after the ministerial order were ready 12 machines. After that was signed another contract for the supply of 27 machines of this type. Under these contracts all devices should be ready by the end of the year 2014. In addition to the Russian Federation Mi-34M use and other countries. The main partners are Azerbaijan, who ordered 24 helicopter also Brazil, which has long been purchasing helicopters in our country and once again placed an order for the manufacture of machines 12. A long-standing and reliable partner is Venezuela, which has agreed to supply helicopters 10.

Design features of the Mi-35M

This machine was made to destroy the enemy by using the latest technologies and developments, and the given combat unit can operate around the clock and in all weather conditions. Due to the modernization of the machine managed to achieve much better performance characteristics than its predecessor. Mi-35M maintains high flight performance in hot climates and when flying at high altitudes.

Mi-35M 343

In order for a helicopter to carry out tasks for the day, it had established such systems and components:

  • fundamentally new aiming system, which includes a new optics gidrostabilizatorami;

  • computer system for sight PrVk model;

  • navigation system, which operates on the principle of electronic display;

  • night vision system.

All of these systems and the innovation would use the helicopter at all times and for a long time. The night target detection provides the ability to produce accurate fire in complete darkness. The helicopter is equipped with guided weapons, namely missiles of various types. Laser equipment allows us to calculate the exact distance to the target. Besides all this, the machine is provided with small arms movable and fixed type. En route can be carried out with the help of semi-automatic pilot type, this system will relieve the work of pilots and give more time to aim and fire.

To make effective use of night vision devices helicopter equipped with special lighting equipment both inside the cabin and outside. Using night vision goggles, pilots can detect objects using minimal lighting. This device works in a special wavelength range, namely from the 640 900 up nm.

Mi-35M cabin

When using night vision systems pilots receive the following benefits:

  • the ability to control the situation on the ground from a height of 50-200 meters;

  • can distinguish the enemy's equipment and guided by land-based facilities, such as roads or river;

  • besides piloting the opportunity to land and take off the machine from the sites that have no coverage;

  • to conduct patrols and rescue operations in the pitch darkness.

Designers Mi-35M well-designed and improved its performance and specifications. Due to the design and streamlined fuselage machine has excellent aerodynamic properties. For this unit has been developed completely new and better support system. The main screw has been completely redesigned and equipped with new, more efficient aerodynamic profile. The main rotor blades are made of new composite materials, thereby blades are lighter and not lost in the strength and reliability. In practice, the new blades are even more vitality and stamina in combat than the previous.

The hub has been replaced by the more advanced and reliable, which had an elastomer hinge. This design does not require constant bushings lubrication is made of titanium. Tail rotor has a two-tier arrangement and consists of four blades, which are controlled by the torsion system. New tail rotor also requires less lubricant than it had for the previous machines.

Mi-35M on grass

This type of screws and the materials used increased flight performance of the machine, namely the increased agility apparatus, and thus the helicopter became more quiet during the flight. The blades of the main rotor as qualitative and tenacious, that make it possible to continue flying even after falling into their shell, which has the caliber to 30 mm. Both screws are equipped with a heating system that prevents them from icing.

The power plant helicopter made using the latest technologies and developments in the industry. On the Mi-35M has two reinforced engine VC-2500. They make it possible to perform high-altitude flight and to land and take off in these conditions. Resource power plant Mi-35M very large and comes to 60 thousand hours of flight. This engine can also be used at high ambient temperatures. Even if one of the two motors can continue safe flight in one operation.

In the manufacture of power plant designers have used heat-resistant material. Engine operation is automatically controlled system. It was amplified drive the compressor, leading to its greater endurance. All of these developments have led to the gas turbine to become warmer, which in turn increased the turbocharger rpm. Contingency or emergency engine has special modes that allow you to safely operate the machine even when the breakage of one of the units of the power plant.

Mi-35M cabin

Mi-35M differs from its predecessor shorter wings, which are available for holders of weapons. On the wings can be mounted launchers of the type of DLC, which serve to mount missiles. Short wings allow the machine to transport loads, which is attached to the wings of the apparatus. In addition, the wings are equipped with systems that can lift loads.

This machine has a system that reduces the load on the entire body of the machine during takeoff and landing. Due to the controlled-pillar Mi-35M can exercise independently controlled movement on the ground and change the angle of clearance when loading. The chassis of the helicopter is not removed, which makes the machine more safety when flying at low altitudes, as well as an emergency landing.

As a result, we can say that the combat helicopter Mi-35M model is a very high quality and reliable machine. All this has been achieved by great work of experienced designers and use the latest technology and electronics.

Specifications Mi-38M

  • Crew: 2 (3)

  • Passenger capacity: 8

  • Capacity: 2400 kg

  • Length: 17,49 m

  • Main rotor diameter: 17,2 m

  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 3,84 m

  • Height: 4,16 m

  • Empty weight: 8360 kg

  • Normal takeoff weight: 10900 kg

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 11500 kg

  • Powerplant: 2 × tvad "Klimov" VC-2500-02

  • Power: 2 × 2200 hp (take-off mode); 2 × 1500 hp (CRUISE)


Mi-35M Eagle


Flight characteristics of Mi-38M

  • Maximum speed: 300 km / h

  • Cruising speed: 260 km / h

  • Combat radius: 450 km

  • Ferry range: up to 1000 km with drop tanks

  • Static ceiling: 3150 m

  • Dynamic ceiling: 5100 m


The armament of the Mi-38M



  • Gunnery: non-removable movable gun mount NPPU-24 a double-barreled gun GS-23L 23-mm caliber

  • Suspension Points: 4

  • The combat load:

  • Options weapons (depending on the task):

  • Anti-tank missiles, "Sturm-V" or "Attack-M"

  • Unguided rockets: 2 4 or block B8V20 A missile C-8 80-mm caliber

  • Suspended cannons: 2 container UPK-23-250 with guns GSH-23L


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