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Meteor U.16
Meteor U.16

Meteor U.16

Most of the aircraft, which were produced by the British company Meteor, were gradually replaced with modern aircraft, which has a higher performance. Yet the old machines will not be charged and sent for upgrading to perform certain tasks. Most of the old aircrafts Meteor have been converted into educational or towing, also manufactures machines on the remote control, one of which was the aircraft Meteor U.16.

Unmanned machine Meteor U.16 used for practicing maneuvers in the air as a target for artillery and testing of new missile systems. This model, as a rule, was revised with single version of the fighter. When you exercise with radio-controlled cars Meteor U.16 its stained in bright colors for better and faster detection. Also on board were installed drone camera that enables you to lock the time of the missile hit the plane. The most commonly to create a radio-controlled airplane Meteor U.16 used the basic model Meteor F.Mk-8. These devices are the most widely used on the Australian Woomera test site.

With regard to flight performance, this machine could rise into the air with a maximum weight in 8,6 ton, while dispersed to 960 km / h. These figures were achieved through the use of powerful propulsion system, which consisted of two turbojet engines Rolls Royce. This unit can rise to a height of 13 1,5 kilometers and fly thousands of kilometers.

Meteor U.16. Characteristics:

Modification Meteor U.Mk.16
Wingspan, m 11.33
Length m 13.60
Height, m 3.96
Wing area, m2 32.52
Weight, kg  
null 4820
maximum take-off 8664
engine's type 2 turbojets Rolls-Royce Derwent RD.8
Link unforced, kN X 2 17.48
Top speed km / h 962
Practical range, km 1540
Practical ceiling, m 13100


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