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McDonnell Douglas MD-11
McDonnell Douglas MD-11

McDonnell Douglas MD-11. A photo. Video. Characteristics. Reviews.



McDonnell Douglas MD11 (McDonnell Douglas MD11) - wide-body jet aircraft far b medium-haul flights.

Aerodynamic configuration is a turbofan trёhmotorny nizkoplan with the location of two engines under the wings and one rear of the fuselage, empennage and odnokilevym with swept wings.

McDonnell Douglas MD11 in fact, is heavily modified, slightly elongated version McDonnellDouglas DC10 with more powerful engines.

Work on the project of the aircraft began 30.12.1986, when the airline company British Caledonian has ordered three aircraft of this type. MD11 was the result of two years of research ways to improve the model, then in production, DC10. The aircraft made its first take-off of the year 10.01.1990, in November of the same year he passed the certification, and the first commercial copy of the Finnair transferred 07.12.1990 aviation company.


McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Salon

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Salon


The main differences of this aircraft from DC10 are in the fuselage, enlarged on 5,71metra, the presence of winglets (endings) at the ends of the wings, empennage modernized. In addition, MD11 equipped with the new cabin on two pilots with the upgraded EFIS control system that displays all flight information monitors at 6 as well have altered the passenger cabin and installed new engines. MD11 produced in four versions:

MD11ER (MD11ER) - aircraft with a large radius of the flight,

MD11F (MD11F) - cargo version,

MD11S (MD-11C) - Utility option: the cabin assigned to the goods, as part of the occupied passenger seats.

MD11SF (MD11CF) -Easy could be transformed into a cargo or passenger depending on the requirements of a particular flight.

McDonnell Douglas planned and somewhat more exotic projects of the aircraft, for example, with a longer fuselage for even greater numbers of passengers or cargo. Even offered to install extra seats on the lower deck and special windows, and use this new salon, for a panorama view in the flight period, but all of these options have not found a response among customers. McDonnell Douglas in 1996 year wanted to start work on the project MDXX aircraft, which would have changed the design of the wing. We planned to create two versions of the aircraft: the first, having a body of standard MD11 and capable of flying at a distance of 15565 kilometers, and the second, with a large fuselage that can carry up to 375 people. But this project was never realized.


McDonnell Douglas MD-11 interior scheme


McDonnell Douglas MD-11 interior scheme


After the merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas in November 1997 year, the latter stated that MD11 will still remain on the production line as a predominantly cargo plane. However, Boeing changed its decision in June 1998 years. The reason for this, he said, is that the aircraft demand in underserved in a saturated market of commercial aviation aircraft. As a result, its production turned. Last MD11 22.02.2001 released and handed over to Lufthansa Cargo aircraft company. Total produced 200 aircraft.

MD11 congestion on one of the most "heavy" vehicles. ACN Aircraft (ICAO standard setting, which reflects the relative impact of the aircraft on the runway airfield pavement) in the range of up to 56 114 that requires great strength of the concrete runway foundation.


Features McDonnell Douglas MD-11:


Length: 61,21m.

Height: 17,6m.

Wingspan: 51,66m.

Cruising speed: 876km / h (12600m height).

Range of flight:

MD11F: 7242km.

MD11C: 12392km.

MD11ER 13408km.

Maximum speed: 945km / h.

Number of seats: 298 - 323-410mest.

Crew: 2cheloveka.

Engines (3 instance): PrattandWhitney PW4460 (60000lb draft) or PrattandWhitney PW4462 (62000lb draft) or GeneralElectric CF680C2D1F (6150lb draft).

Maximum takeoff weight:

MD11: 273314kg.

MD11F: 280000kg.

MD11S: 280000kg.

MD11CF: 283965kg.

MD11ER: 286000kg.


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