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Apparatus M-19 is flying a radio-controlled device, which has been designed on the basis of combat MiG-19. This radio-controlled target development will be conducted by №918. Manufactured unmanned aircraft had a maximum height of combat use in 16,5 kilometers. Take-off and subsequent climb with access to the course robbed 20 minutes. Under the regime of horizontal flight the machine was optimum height 12 kilometers. The duration of use in flight was 28 minutes. Externally, the drone was identical to the MiG-19. Flight provides two types of power plants TRD AM-9B, thrust equal to each 3250 kgs.

M-19. Characteristics:

Modification M-19
Wingspan, m 9.00
Length m 12.54
Height, m 3.88
Wing area, m2 25.00
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 5298
maximum take-off 7300
fuel 1735
engine's type 2 TRD AM-9B
Thrust, kgf X 2 3250
Maximum speed km / h 1200
The flight duration, min 28
Practical ceiling, m 16500


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