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The collapse of the IL-18 19 in Yakutia December 2016 years.
The collapse of the IL-18 19 in Yakutia December 2016 years

The collapse of the IL-18 19 in Yakutia December 2016 years.



8: 36 20 / 12 / 2016 One of the versions of the crash is considered piloting error;

11: 32 19 / 12 / 2016 At the crash site samolёtaspetsialistam have found the black boxes, the information on which it is likely, and will explain the reasons for the crash proizoshedeshy;

8: 54 19 / 12 / 2016 Named the major versions of the plane crash, including adverse weather conditions and technical failure of the control system;

8: 39 19 / 12 / 2016 Official data service officially denied the existence of the victims;

8: 15 19 / 12 / 2016 In place of the plane crash have arrived several groups of rescuers, working on the analysis of a crashed airplane and clouds finding survivors and victims.



December 19 2016 years, in the implementation of the planned flight from Ekaterinburg in 27 kilometers from Tiksi, crashed the plane Il-18, which was carrying, according to some data, 40 people, among them, 8 aircraft crew members and passengers 32.


Chronicle of events


На данный момент известно о том, что самолёт Ил-18, на борту которого помимо 8 членов экипажа находилось 32 военнослужащих, осуществлял перелёт из Екатеринбурга. However, according to available resources information, for a few moments before the crash of the aircraft pilot reported that the aircraft lost control, then, communication with the crew was interrupted. Immediately arrived at the site of the crash, rescuers have found at the crash site, literally collapsed into three parts, aircraft, whose pilots were still able to make an emergency landing in adverse conditions.



The causes and circumstances of the crash of IL-18 in Yakutia


At the moment, the official information about the possible causes of the crash that occurred were not disclosed, but, according to resource, blame could be adverse weather conditions, in particular, we are talking about snow and strong crosswinds. Independent experts do not rule out the likelihood that it was a gusty wind could disrupt management of turboprop aircraft, however, until the completion of the investigation, this information is not officially advertise.



However, experts do not exclude that the cause of the accident aircraft IL-18 a few dozen kilometers from Tiksi, could also become a technical failure of the aircraft, actively operated with 60-ies of the last century.

Более того, 20 декабря специалисты уточнили, что ещё одной из наиболее вероятных версий катастрфоы может быть ошибка пилотирвоания воздушного судна, однако, учитывая тот факт, что пилот мастерски посадил воздушное судно, избежав жертв, подобное мнение скорее является ошибочным.

Experts believe that the causes of the accident will be known only after the decoding of flight recorders. Searches that are currently underway and.


Жертвы и пострадавшие


Despite the pre-emerging evidence that the crash occurred on the territory of Yakutia were no survivors, experts subsequently denied such information, noting that, in reality, none of the forty people on board died, however, are affected. As the unofficial sources, we are talking about 20 seriously injured people, most of whom have complex injuries of limbs, injuries and traumatic brain injuries.


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Ребята не несите Чушь. Оба военных КВСа ( и на Туполе и на Ил-18) лётчики 1-го класса. А это о многом говорит. Пацаны опытные и посадка Ил-18 это подтверждает. А вот про опыт гражданских пилотов я бы промолчал. Сидеть в кабине и включать тумблеры систем (систему автоматического управления полётом, систему автоматического захода на посадку) много ума не надо. Поговаривают что Боинги и Аэрбасы даже заруливают сами. Ребята, Вам не стыдно называться пилотами????

I want to disappoint you! Qualification of flight crews and even to a large extent determines the veil from nalёtnyh crew chasov.U military pilots, he is usually negligible. We highly experienced, according to the command post of occupying a unit commander and commander of the "Sochi" TU 154 3000 hours TU and about 5000 total plaque. Middle GA pilot coating line 750-1000 flight hours per year. What's the experience! And yet, after the fall of silt no information either on board or on the crew! Michael neater in matters unfamiliar to you! And do not knowingly offend Vasya.

У военных летчиков,в отличии от гражданских пилотов, опыт как правило определялся классностью (летчик 1-го класса) и количеством полётов (посадок). У меня за 28 лётных лет 5036 полетов(посадок). Налет 2428часов. Это средний налёт военного лётчика. Летал на Су-17 и Су-25. Умножте средний налёт гражданского пилота, где-то 8 часов за полёт, получится, что по гражданскому налёту у меня где-то примерно 40 000 часов налёта. Что то я не видел гражданский пилотов с таким средним налётом.

So what actually happened - a catastrophe (ie, are killed as a consequence of the accident flight) or accident (no dead)? Granted, there is a plane crash, but the event should be called exactly

So what actually happened - a catastrophe (ie, are killed as a consequence of the accident flight) or accident (no dead)? Granted, there is a plane crash, but the event should be called exactly

Yes netakoy reasons as bad weather!
And there are not-douchenny crew, allowed it to these conditions
Or - sloppiness crew polezshego in conditions below its tolerance.

That's all ...

And all these "complexity" of the weather - not more than trying to bring someone out of punishment ... and Bole-not that!

Basil, you do not mind the fact that the pilots put the plane in bad weather conditions in the forest and at the same time no one died! you know that military pilots are no match for the civil, they are far superior to them in all plans! Bears some nonsense! There is a saying in Russia such "Shut up fool, thou shalt smart for" Basil's silent.

Oh no ... the crew apparently did what I could, it's a flying coffin 60 years was