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Crash Airbus A320 aircraft airline «Egypt Air» 19 May 2016 years in the Mediterranean Sea
Crash Airbus A320 aircraft airline «Egypt Air» 19 May 2016 years in the Mediterranean Sea

Crash Airbus A320 aircraft airline «Egypt Air» 19 May 2016 years in the Mediterranean Sea


16.06.2016.From the Mediterranean seabed raised the flight recorder of crashed airliner Airbus A320.

02.06.2016.According to officially unconfirmed reports, the day before the crash in the Mediterranean Sea, Egyptian Airlines passenger jet made an emergency landing three times. After careful examination, the experts were unable to identify any problems, which is why the sensors notice admitted false.

01.06.2016.French and Egyptian experts have confirmed receipt of the signal "black boxes" from the place of the crash of the passenger plane, which is why in the projected area special naval vessels were sent, who will continue to work on the site in order to establish the actual location of the flight recorders, for their further recovery and decryption.

22.05.2016.American experts have reported that the main body of the passenger airliner at the time of departure inscription threatening, in particular, journalists edition of "New York Times" pointed out the inscription "We sobёm the aircraft" was made by members of the radical terrorist group "The Muslim Brotherhood has been made "in particular, as seen version of what the controls of the aircraft were pilots who joined the organization, which might deliberately make a crash.

21.05.2016.Specialists involved in investigating the crash said that a few minutes before the crash on board passenger aircraft there was a fire - according to some sources there was smoke in one of the toilets, and according to others, the source of the smoke was the cockpit.

20.05.2016.In the Mediterranean, found the wreckage of the aircraft and parts A320 EgyptAir things liner passengers, reported the Egyptian Armed Forces Naval Fleet Egypt discovered in the Mediterranean in 290 km from Alexandria on EgyptAir wreckage, Reuters reported, citing the statement of the Egyptian armed forces.

Among the debris were found, and some things are missing passenger airliner over the Mediterranean Sea. Now experts are searching for the black box.


19.05.2016.Plane crash, which occurred on the night of May 19 2014 years, reserves a lot of mysteries. When tragic coincidence, the airliner Airbus A320, owned air carrier «Egypt Air», and operate flights from Paris to Cairo, under mysterious circumstances, crashed just over 20 minutes before its intended landing in the final paragraph direction. On board a passenger plane that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 240 km from the Greek island of Karpathos, was 66 people, including 10 aircraft crew members and 56 passengers while, notwithstanding the fact that the search and rescue operation continues, experts It believed that the likelihood of finding surviving practically absent.


Chronicle of a plane crash that occurred over the Mediterranean Sea



According to the official chronicle of the events, passenger airliner Airbus A320 producing implementation flight from Paris to Cairo, but in 3 29 minutes hours the aircraft disappeared from the air traffic controllers and radar crew stopped to get in touch. It is noted that in 10 minutes until the disappearance of a passenger airliner with controllers radar, the commander of the crew of the aircraft made contact but, of any technical problems were reported, while in 3 hours 26 minutes, actually for 3 minutes until the disappearance of the aircraft with radar, attempts to contact the aircraft crew have been unsuccessful.


The basic version of what happened


Despite the fact that the search and rescue operation continues, experts have already begun to investigate the crash occurred, and at the moment there are several versions of what happened.


A terrorist act



A group of independent experts, a few hours after the discovery of the wreckage of a passenger airliner made the conclusion that the cause of the crash of the aircraft very likely could be a terrorist act. According to experts, the information about that in a few minutes to complete disappearance of the aircraft from the radar, the plane changed its speed and direction, can point to the fact that on board there was an explosion, partly led the plane into disrepair, while the pilots We are trying to stabilize the situation, carrying out alignment of the airplane relative to the course. In turn, it should clarify the fact that it is currently in Cairo Airport and Paris airports have increased security, resulting in an attempt to bring on board explosives is highly questionable, however, is not totally excluded.


Technical bugs



Specialists involved in the investigation of the crash is believed that the cause of the tragedy are the technical problems encountered on board passenger aircraft when the flight. The current version is considered due to the fact that the earlier a plane airline «Egypt Air» has occurred a number of incidents, including the emergency landing due to a failure of the power plant, but, as experts note, at the time of departure, the aircraft was in good technical condition, and therefore, the current version may also be in doubt. Moreover, to get in touch for 10 minutes before the crash the pilots did not report any problems, and give the distress signal.


Error crew



Despite the fact that the crew members are professionals who have a large number of flight hours, experts do not exclude that the tragedy could have occurred because of the admitted error by the pilots. The circumstances in this case may be very diverse in nature, however, experts believe that more details will be known only after decryption cockpit voice recorder, if up to now has not been proven any of the above or other versions.


Purposeful destruction of aircraft pilots


One of the versions of the catastrophe is also called deliberate destruction of aircraft crew members. This information came after the Western press had published information that the inscription "We sobёm the aircraft" was made at the time of departure on the fuselage of the aircraft, and, experts point out that the inscription could be done by the pilots who may be associates terrorist group "Muslim Brotherhood".


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