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Komi regional center for training of aviation personnel
Komi regional center for training of aviation personnel

Komi regional center for training of aviation personnel



The story begins with KRC PAP 1950 year, when there was a training detachment. Creating squad coincided with the rapid development of civil aviation of the Republic of Komi: built new airports, increased network of local air lines, develop new aircraft. The first commander was the UTO Perepelkin Alexander, then the training was conducted by plane and Li-2-2. UTO has released the first year of about two hundred aviation specialists.

In the early 1970-ies UTO number 20 the first Aeroflot acquired the right to retraining programs for pilots flying higher training, retraining courses open aviation personnel on the plane Tu-134A and helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-4. In Syktyvkar train specialists not only for the local departments of civil aviation, but also for other regions. It was at this time introduced a training program for emergency landing Mi-6, Mi and Mi-2-8 helicopters. After training helicopter pilots for such a unique program number of helicopter accidents has decreased dramatically.

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UTO in 1987 was converted into a training and educational center. By all accounts, he was superior to some related institutions on the degree of training of specialists rather broad profile. Re-training of flight personnel was conducted in thirteen types of helicopters and airplanes, and technical and engineering - sixteen types. In the center were trained pilots and ground staff of the Volga region, North-West, the Far East and Siberia. The sessions took part the most experienced engineers and pilots, real aces of Russian aviation. Prior to 1990-ies center each year to produce up to a thousand experts.

An in 1993, the next change in the name, the Komi regional center for training of aviation personnel legally became a subsidiary of GAP "KomiAvia." At the time, a turning point in the activities of the center associated with the general decline of the economy. Dramatically reduce the volume of freight and passengers, broke once powerful Aeroflot. Financing of training-educational centers from the state budget has stopped, they had to learn to survive themselves in the current economic conditions. It was in such a difficult time was the director of the center Zhanahov IM ..

Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhanahov IM He flew more than 13 thousand hours. After graduating from flight school Buguruskansky he arrived in Syktyvkar combined squadron, where he acted as a co-pilot An-2And released the commander of an aviation squadron. He graduated from the Academy of Civil Aviation, later worked as a squadron commander of the combined Ukhta, chart-year-old chief of department of Komi Department of Civil Aviation, the deputy chief. A professional with extensive experience - in aviation RK Zhanahov IM 43 years. Recent 15 years he was the head of a permanent center. In 1997 year when it became the center of an independent institution, and with 1999 has received the status of federal state educational institution.

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Zhanahov IM He managed not only to keep afloat an educational institution, but also to improve its technical and material base. It bought expensive equipment, improved simulator Tu-134, modernized classrooms and a hostel for foreign students. According Zhanahova, huge steel steps using the UTC Association, the Federal Service of Transport in the air, its territorial control in the Republic of Kazakhstan to promote the center. But it had to rely on their own strength, to have that alone will earn.

We studied what the market needs of aviation education, tried to focus on the demand, offering new services and training. So come experience gradually self-management. Center while always wanted to maintain the highest level of training and training of aviation professionals. All types of training obtained licenses, continuously improve equipment.

Center in recent years has been equipped with a modern fitness section, language and computer classes. Base allows crews to possess a high degree of English -slushateli can use the modern language laboratory equipment and latest techniques, services of experienced teachers.

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