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Kazan State University named after AN Tupolev.
Kazan State University named after AN Tupolev.

Kazan National Research

Technical University Tupolev.


Former Kazan Aviation Institute "KAI", and now the Kazan National Research Technical University. Tupaleva, was founded in March 1932, in accordance with the decision of the People's Committee of heavy industry, namely its main department in the aviation industry. Initially the university was located in the former gymnasium building and included two branches, namely: aerodynamics and aircraft construction. With time on their base the aircraft manufacturer faculty was founded.

Since its inception, the Institute actively conducted scientific and research work in which N.G.Chetaev founded "Scientific school of general mechanics." Later he was transferred to Moscow for the position of the Academy of Sciences Institute of Mechanics of the Soviet Union Director.

Between 1933 1939 years for single-engine and twin-engine models of aircraft have been established in the Kazan Aviation Institute his design office specialists, which were once installed the official records. In the postwar years, the Department of jet engines has been based at the institute, which at that time was unique and one of a kind among all Soviet universities. One of the first teachers at her was Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. With the development of the domestic aviation industry in KAI appear faculties aviation instrument and radio. The latter became the largest in the future throughout the Institute.

Kazan State University named after AN Tupolev. 2

In 1991 year in the Kazan Aviation Institute appears Faculty of Economics and Finance Management. And the following year it turns into KSTU (Kazan State Technical University). Since then, the rapidly increasing number of specialties and areas of training of future specialists at the university. Creates a Center for Continuing Education, Faculty of Humanities is based. Later, in 2000godu it was also organized by the Physics and Mathematics, and in 2003 - economic and legal departments.

Today Kazan National Research Technical University named Tupaleva includes in its structure the eight faculties in which training is carried out in total, 70 specialties. Also in 2007, the College of Information Technology was established on the basis of the University, as well as there is a center (KUIMTS) for students who have limited hearing.

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