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An Accident-124 in Irkutsk
An Accident-124 in Irkutsk

An Accident-124 in Irkutsk, 1997 year.


Very heavy plane crash airliner An-124 in Irkutsk, which occurred 6.12.1997 years. The crash crashed cargo plane, which belonged to the Russian Air Force, he was flying from Moscow to Cam Ranh. Along the route the two were scheduled landing in Irkutsk and Vladivostok. Trouble began after the separation of the unit from the runway in Irkutsk. After three seconds of flight in an airplane An-124-100 denied three engines out of four. As a result, breakage of the transport unit has been dropped on a residential neighborhood "aircraft builders" of the city of Irkutsk. The victims of the crash was the large number of people were killed just 68 people, with 45 of them were on the ground at the time of the crash.

Two years later, in the year 1999, in place of one of the destroyed houses was built a church in memory of the dead men in this terrible accident. Also in the village Seshcha erected a memorial on which are inscribed the names of dead people and members of the crew with their biographies.

An Accident-124 1997 in Irkutsk

The aircraft of type AN-124-100 had these numbers:

  • Factory - 4516003.
  • Registration - RA-82005.
  • Serial - 01-07.

The machine was manufactured in 1985 year. The first flight was made 30.10.1985 years, the same day the car gave the company "Aeroflot". Three years later the ship was bought Russian Air Force, and the engines were replaced on the three-shaft turbofan type. All four engines D-18T were made at IBC AG Ivchenko in the city of Zaporozhye. At the time of the crash made 576 flight cycles without any major problems. Total flying machine was 1034 hours.

At the time of the accident on board the vehicle were 8 Crew:

  • Aircraft commander - VA Fedorov - Colonel.
  • Instructor CF - VV Ivanov - Colonel.
  • The co-pilot - MY Bruchanov - Major.
  • Navigator vessel - AA Pristensky - Major.
  • Navigator ship - AI Pristensky.
  • Flight engineer ship - I.I Artyuhin - Major.
  • Flight engineer ship - VP Olefir - Major.
  • Flight engineer ship - IS Bessonov.

Also during the flight on board as passengers were:

  • Radio operator - AA Voroshilov - senior warrant officer.
  • Aircraft - NP Moss - Major.
  • Head of Maintenance - BI Savostyanik - Major.
  • Other passengers.

Total forest was on airplane 23 person.

Chronology of the disaster event

6.12.1997, the transport plane An-124, which belonged to the Russian air force, with tail number RA-82005 transport operation in Vietnam. On board the vehicle, two domestic fighter Su-27UBK were located, manufactured at the Irkutsk aircraft plant. Departure from the city of Irkutsk was implemented in 14: 42. The problems began in the first seconds after lift-off from the runway, just two seconds later there was a surge and 3-off of the engine. After a further six seconds off the staff was 2-th engine at an altitude of 22 meters from the ground. After two seconds under the influence of a large angle of attack and the aircraft sliding off and there was a surge of 1-66 engine at an altitude of meters. As a result of this work was to only one engine, the power of which was insufficient to set the speed and altitude. All attempts by the crew to keep the stable position of the device did not come to fruition. With a large roll on the right side plane crashed on houses, thus destroying the house on the street №45 Civil. The tail part of the house was badly damaged №120 outside world. Parts of feathers and other debris damaged the children's home.

An Accident-124 1997 year in Irkutsk

The consequences of the crash and an investigation

The disaster claimed the lives of 68 people, including eight crew members and passengers on board 15. On the ground were killed 45 people, including 14 children. crash deprived 70 family housing. Very complicated the situation a huge amount of fuel that was on board and leaked from the tanks.

expert committee was set up to determine the cause of the crash. Unfortunately, the record of negotiations with the two flight recorders remove failed because of heavy damage by fire. As a result of the investigation the cause of engine failure was the most overloaded vessel.

Also version test pilot A. Akimenkovym was launched. He said that an engine failure could occur due to call on the Chinese radiotelephone one of the passengers who were on board. As a result, the call could come crashing aircraft electronics and as a result of engine failure. Another one of the accepted theory is the assumption by Major-General Boris Tumanov that the reason for the refusal was the surging engines.

Events catastrophe in Irkutsk and Kinshasa have been used in a detective novel by F. Niznanskogo called "Kill a crow." Two large-scale collapse of the transport aircraft is the main idea of ​​the novel with numerous victims. According to the plot of the novel of the accident have been specially tailored to hide the theft.


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