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What sports to engage in order to prepare yourself for years of service?

What sports to engage in order to prepare yourself for years of service?


Dear Editors.

I'm in the ninth grade, I dream of becoming a pilot. I understand that it needs to be physically strong, tempered. Advise what sports should be addressed to prepare yourself for years of service.

Nikolai Karseka.


On the same questions to the editors treat many young men who dream of flying. Seventh graders AI Kargin, in particular, ask about how you can develop and strengthen the vestibular apparatus.

At the request of the editorial board of our young readers respond Major medical service. B. Chomutov.

What sort of sports must be dealt with to prepare themselves to enter the flight school?

Flight School

When choosing sports and exercise facilities should proceed primarily from the fact that the most important in the physical preparation of the pilot - the formation and improvement of skills in coordination and smooth movements, proportionality muscular effort, speed of action and the wide distribution of attention. The development of these qualities contribute to the game basketball, volleyball, table tennis and gymnastics and acrobatics.

table tennis

Useful for the future of the pilot exercise, increase the body's resistance to the effects of radial acceleration and motion sickness - this exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and abdominal (exercises on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, gymnastic rings, diving and so on. n.).

And to train the vestibular apparatus, which depends on the state of the body's resistance to motion sickness, applied exercises with quick and multiple (at 15- 20 times) tilt your head forward and back, left and right, as well as exercises of head rotation clockwise or counterclockwise , different jumps with rotation, rotation of the body. Training effect increases with the number of repetitions, the rate of motion when performing these exercises with your eyes closed. In the initial period of training they cause discomfort. We need some strong-willed effort to continue training.


Physical exercise should be necessarily complemented by a systematic and morning gymnastics and water procedures is an effective means of educating volitional qualities and hardening of the body.

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