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How is the helicopter?
How is the helicopter?

How is the helicopter?



Helicopter called aircraft heavier than airLift force which is created by one or more rotors, driven in rotation by one or more power units (motors).

The most common type of helicopter with one screw and piston engine consists of the following parts: rotor, fuselage, tail rotor and gear.

Ball screw 1 It serves to generate lift and thrust. Upon rotation of the rotor by means of a pilot control helicopter 16 handle through automatic-bias can change the direction of a full aerodynamic force of the rotor R, perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the blade tips, and thereby create a component of this force F, directed tangentially to the trajectory. It is similar to the thrust of the propeller airplane or piston reaction force of the gas jet and the jet can vary in size depending on the angle of the rotor, and consequently, full aerodynamic force R.

Change the value of wind power bearing piita collective pitch lever carried 17, by means of which the transfer is made helicopter vertical (descent and ascent).

The fuselage 2 helicopter located the cabin crew and passengers, 3 piston engine with the transmission system (transmission) to the main gearbox 7 and fuel tanks n oil.

In the cockpit concentrated all control of the helicopter and the engine, including: pen control helicopter, lever the collective pitch of the rotor, foot controls (pedals), control trimmers, engine management systems, devices and components placed on the dashboard or elsewhere cabin and other equipment of the helicopter.

Collective pitch lever associated with the throttle valve of the engine. This is necessary to ensure that as the pitch of the rotor r. E. When the load on the engine, change the gas so that the engine speed are constant. Therefore, the collective pitch lever rotor arm called "shaggaz."

Трансмиссия the helicopter consists of a gear motor with a clutch on and drives to the fan and the main shaft.

Helicopter scheme

The main gearbox of the helicopter automatic skew-through sleeve and connected with the blades of the rotor and through shaft disposed in the tail boom, the intermediate gear shaft and an end, located in the beam end, is connected with a tail gearbox 15 and tail rotor.

The tail rotor It serves to maturity reactive torque transmitted from the main rotor to the fuselage and the helicopter to rotate about a vertical axis. Bushing tail rotor is mechanically connected with the foot controller 18. Moving the pedal, the pilot changes the collective pitch of the tail rotor, and thus the amount of change they developed traction TV.

In flight, you want to coordinate the actions of all; 1 three controls in the cockpit - control knob, lever "step-gas" and pedals.

Chassis. Helicopter has fixed landing gear with the front wheel.


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