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Junkers Ju 52. Photo. Characteristics
Junkers Ju 52. Photo. Characteristics

Junkers Ju 52. Photo. Characteristics


Germany and Spain

A type: trimotored bomber and transport aircraft

Capacity: a crew of two and up to 17 passengers

German equivalent of the airplane DC-3 / C-47, three-engine aircraft Ju 52 company "Junkers» (Junkers), features a durable, mainly due to the proprietary technology of "Junkers", uses corrugated paneling. The plane began its life with one engine at the end of 1930-ies, but after a series-built six copies Ju 52 company "Junkers" decided to evaluate trimotored modification equipped with star-engines "Hornet» (Hornet) companies "Pratt & Whitney" power 550 l. with. (310 kW). The result was so successful that the one-motor modification was immediately replaced by plane Ju 52 / 3mce.

Home Buyers trimotored civil aircraft was the company "Deutsche Lufthansa» (Deutsche Lufthansa), which is to 1939 230 year had more aircraft. Luftwaffe German Air Force (Luftwaffe) also were the first recipients of aircraft Ju 52 / 3mce, using their first temporarily put into service bomber, after the company "Junkers" aircraft equipped with more powerful radial engines BMW 132A-3.

On the eve of the Second World War almost 1000 aircraft Ju 52 / 3m were in the military or were ready to be called up for military service from the "Lufthansa". During the war this type was the "workhorse" German Air Force Luftwaffe - he performed all kinds of jobs, from the transportation of soldiers to minesweeping operations on all fronts of the war. According to some estimates, between 1932 and 1944 years 4845 aircraft were built, and production continued after the war in France and Spain. Five copies of the aircraft remained in a state of airworthiness.

Junkers Ju 52. Photo. Characteristics


Basic data


  • Length: 18,9 m
  • Wingspan: 29,25 m
  • Height: 5,55 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 5720 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 10 500 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 275 km / h
  • Flight range: 1300 km with additional fuel tanks
  • Power plant: three BMW engine 132T to modify Ju 52 / 3m or ENMA «Betas» (Betas) modification CASA 352L
  • Power: 2490 l. from. (1856,7 kW) and 2250 l. from. (1677 kW), respectively


Date of first flight: April 1931 years

The surviving airworthy modifications: Ju 52 / 3mg2e, Ju 52 / 3mg4e, Ju 52 / 3mg7e and CASA 352L

On right: The aircraft Ju 52 / 3td2e company "Lufthansa" passes through the overcast over Los Angeles during his tour of the US in the early 1990-ies. Before becoming the property of the main German gruzopere- carter this samolet- veteran spent most of his life on floats in Norway and transporting all types of goods over the jungle of Ecuador.




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