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JB-10 Experimental stroke UAV
JB-10 Experimental stroke UAV

JB-10 Experimental stroke UAV

Developed in 1944, the cruise missile JB-1A on the application should resemble the German Fau-1, however, exceed its performance. After several years of "Northrup" and was unable to complete the first draft. Though this idea is the military has a strong interest, studies have not been performed successfully. The first unmanned due to improper engine could not fly to the desired height. Temporarily shut down the project, but the idea has not been abandoned. After a while, company representatives said the US Air Force to modernize the JB-1.

The new model has a relatively large index range and power bombs. Unsuitable engine was replaced with a more suitable company "Ford". It was cheap, robust and reliable. He was placed inside the fuselage, resulting in increased form the fuselage. Also, further intake should set the ring, providing additional cooling. Aerial bombs placed not under the wing, both in analogue and directly into the wings. The air JB-10 1944 rose in the year. Though he had primitive guidance system was still relatively better than the German cruise missile. UAVs have been increased flight range, speed, the more powerful bombs.

By the year 1945 10 flight tests were carried out, but only 2 of them were successful. Therefore USAF abandoned their application in the former Japanese military campaign. An additional negative factor that influenced the closure of the project, was the end of the Second World War.

JB-10 experimental stroke UAV. Characteristics:

Modification JB-1A JB-10
The diameter of the rotor, m 8.63 7.95
Length m 3.21 3.60
Height, m 1.38 1.47
Wing area, m2 14.40 15.14
Weight, kg 3213 3271
engine's type 1 turbojets General Electric B1 1 ramjet Ford PJ31-F-1
Thrust, kgf X 1 180 1 410 x
Maximum speed km / h 645 690
Flight distance, km 1078 322
Practical ceiling, m    


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