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Fighter J-31
Fighter J-31

Fighter J-31


The aircraft type is J-31 5-unit generation. This car was created not so long ago, the Chinese designers. Fighter J-31 able to perform a variety of military tasks very efficiently.

Fighter J-31 2

For the first time the aircraft model was presented to students at the Beijing competition in mid-September 2011 years. Then in June of the year 2012 appeared a small number of pictures of the aircraft, when carried in a covered carriage way. Photos full-scale prototype was presented in the summer of the year 2012. In the same year, in the autumn of the unit J-31 made his first separation from the runway. The flight was carried out in conjunction with J-11 plane.


On the first flight, it was a success. Control of the machine performing an experienced pilot Lee Gyoen. The duration of the flight was only ten minutes is a short time in the air made it clear to the high quality of the new car. For tracking aircraft flight control have been used to monitor and analyze the aircraft, besides, video flight for further analysis was conducted. Unfortunately, China's military does not disclose all the details and specifications of the new combat vehicle. Despite this, with the help of analytical data, you can create a basic understanding of aircraft J-31.

Fighter J-31 454

Most of the photos taken of the aircraft are of poor quality. This is due to the preservation of military secrets. Yet attack aircraft pictures make it clear that he is very similar to the American F-class aircraft, namely the first and 22-35-d models. First of all, the Chinese car has two engines, which, as in the F-35 have rear contours. As for the air intakes, they are also very similar to the above aircraft.


Speaking of the power plant, we can say that by the nozzles of the engine can draw preliminary conclusions about the brand engines. Most researchers of the aircraft 5-generation believe that it is installed turbojet engine with dual system. Also, like the engine it has afterburner RD-93. Confirmed the version of the afterburner is that the settings are made in China for their bombers. Especially in favor of this version can be said that China does not possess such engines for light fighters.


Particularly accurate data on the characteristics of the fuselage as yet unknown. We can only say that the length of the body is slightly more than 16 meters. A wingspan reaches the target of 12 meters. Weight at take-off reaches the target of 16,5 tons, with thrust-aircraft J-31 equal in terms of 8,3 thousand kgs. Aircraft height almost 5 meters.

Fighter J-31 34

According to a representative of the company it can be said that this fighter is produced so that at high flight performance and combat power, he had a small cost price. In addition, it is characterized by low visibility for the equipment of the enemy. The first machine is made in a single embodiment that has a delta wing with higher location on the body. The wing has a moderate performance sweep and ending cut. The tail of the car is interesting enough by two vertical fins, which are inclined outward. It is also equipped with two tail fins with horizontal.


It is known that the aircraft J-31 has a range of military applications 1,2 thousand kilometers, so the range of combat operation is possible with a fully comprehensive internal tanks and due to a suspension tank capacity of 2 thousand liters. In this case the car can reach a top speed of M = 1,8. The advantage of the machine is the short take-off run, which is only 400 meters and run for the planting of 600 meters. All this makes the aircraft very convenient and versatile in the fighting.


Accuracy can also be said that the combat power and efficiency of its use would be much higher than in the fighter 4-th generation. Management of the company airplane manufacturer said that the combat power will be almost the same as in the American counterpart 5-generation. For all the weapons the unit assigned the lower compartment of the aircraft for the air intakes.

Fighter J-31posadka

Most of the latest and advanced fifth generation fighters have rectangular nozzle, which significantly reduces the visibility of their exhaust and Chinese machine has a standard circular nozzle. This is mainly due to the type of engine on which it is installed. Yet designers in China are actively working on the creation of a so-called re-quality nozzles that can reduce visibility and it does not affect the thrust-weight ratio Strike Fighter.


Funding for the program J-31 directly involved in the Chinese company "Shen." We can say that they themselves design and build a high-tech product, which is very promising. In addition, the program in the future be able to bring huge profits at the expense of orders both from their own army, and from other countries of the globe. Do not underestimate the Chinese development in the industry as a fighter J-31 is one of the main competitors of Russian fighters 5-generation.

Fighter J-31 4454

As for aircraft J-31, the company that manufactures it, counting on the fact that most countries do not take an active interest in the Western fighters. First of all, this can be explained by the fact that the majority of European and American fighters in a few years simply exhausted their service life. The company "Shenyang" understands that advanced countries are also working to create their own, qualitatively new drum machines. Due to this, in the manufacture of J-31 a high emphasis on the economy, and therefore a full-scale working machine will be much cheaper counterparts.


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