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The disappearance of the balloon "Orien".
The disappearance of the balloon "Orien".

disappearance aerostat "Orien".


1897 year, summer. Around the shores of the Arctic Ocean was gone without a trace balloon "Orien" with the crew. Nhodivshiesya on board were scientists-researchers - Knut Fraenkel, Salomon August Andre and Nils Strindberg.

The disappearance of the balloon "Orien".

Knut Frankel


The disappearance of the balloon "Orien".

Salomon August Andre


The disappearance of the balloon "Orien".

Nils Strindberg


Scientists always attracted their uniqueness North Pole. They believed that this is the point where the rotation of the earth intersects the surface. This place is not divided into night and day, it does not have any coordinates.

Time passed, and the uniqueness of the pole nobody opened, ships and teams could not get to this place.


In 1845 aeronaut Dupuis Delcourt was proposed idea regarding the possibility of getting to the North Pole balloon. At that time, it was a serious statement. In 1871, the physicist and chemist was told in detail a plan to achieve the goal. French physicist planned departure to Greenland, since the place easier to climb into the sky and fly to the North Pole. Already in March 1872, during the meeting, it was raised again the question of conquering the pole on the ball. Aeronaut expected to penetrate beyond the Arctic Circle, and from there, if you're lucky with the wind on the balloon to fly to the North Pole.

Each time, the conquest of the poles plans Geographic Society did not approve.

But the attempts were successful application aeronaut Andre Solomon Sweden in August. In support of his project at a meeting of the Academy of Sciences said his word known at the time the researcher Erik Nordenskiöld. His first lessons on aeronautics Solomon August Andre was already 22 years. He taught aeronaut Wise.

And spring 1893 years. Andre gets a balloon at the complete disposal. In it he is planning to make its flights to study the factors and indicators. He wants to establish a relationship of temperature changes, humidity search pattern and its composition is not at the same height, but a few. During the flight, the slope was 30 degrees, sometimes even 40. On the Norwegian island it plans to build a shelter for the balloon. Wind direction depends on the speed of reaching the North Pole. If weather conditions are favorable, the target could be achieved in a very short time. In keeping with all the requirements, the pole has been conquered. Immediately afterwards, Andre has decided to achieve in the areas of North America and Asia. He wanted to explore the country. Dialing a mate, Andre goes to the next journey. They are filled with hydrogen balloon and wait days for a favorable wind.

The disappearance of the balloon "Orien".



1897 year. On the streets blowing straight from the tin breeze. The team began preparations for the flight. Releasing two balls to check, they see that the correct direction of flight. Aeronaut and Andre said goodbye to the mourners and took their jobs. About two o'clock in the afternoon the balloon flew into the sky, cutting through the open spaces. Due to the haste aeronauts left on the ground guide-rope to the edge needed in flight. Immediately after lifting the ball ran to the rocks. The wind changed, and the balloon flew into the desired direction.

In order to climb above, the passengers began to dump ballast, the ball instantly rose to 800 meters. It was the speed of his 25 km / h. Recalls one of the participants in their flight records, André offered them to stay in an unknown place and spend the winter there. And next summer to return home. After the disappearance of the balloon crew Andre took many months, and rescue teams reached the quest.

No one knows exactly what happened to the "OREON"? Where's the crew? After 1142 day trip to the coast of Norway was found list, which reported about the successful trip and state of mind. The note weather conditions, the condition of the crew have been described.

"OREON" flying above the clouds, through which the ice is translucent. The temperature at a height of meters was 700 1 degree. They hovered over the polar sea, they are the first who flew in these areas on the ball. It was decided to stop for the night. The place where they were staying, it is unfamiliar. They determine the coordinates. And here they are again flying, the air felt cold, dense fog. During the flight, they had a weak fire, which could easily handle.

Recent results 17 recordings were made in October. Aeronaut stood their ground to the last, but, unfortunately, died.

The cause of death is considered to frostbite. But Strindberg died before the others, balloonists he was buried, the grave is located near the tent. Experts believe that they died of infection, which is transmitted white bears.


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