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Irkut Irkut-10 Multipurpose UAV
Irkut Irkut-10 Multipurpose UAV

Irkut Irkut-10 Multipurpose UAV

"Irkut-10" - this aviation complex of remote sensing, performing tasks around the clock monitoring in a broad range of weather conditions. The device provides transmission and reception on the ground in real-time photographic, thermal and TV image areas. Also it can be used to determine the coordinates of ground targets, carry out the collection, storage and processing of imagery. The complex consists of two UAVs and ground facilities to ensure management and maintenance of the UAV.

The maximum time of flight of the aircraft up to 2 hours in real time it transmits information from the instruments of the payload on the control point located on the ground within a radius of up to 70 km.

In order to prepare the UAV for launch: check for faults, enter the flight program and lead to a state of full readiness home need to 15 minutes.

Start drone carried out from a mobile catapult, landing can be made on the aerodrome facilities unequipped ground platforms using a parachute.

A large proportion of drone designs made of composite materials that provide high strength at low weight and to the effects of various environmental factors of sustainability of the environment.

The complex can be used for various purposes with the ability to complete its various payloads depending on the task, and it is characterized by a low life-cycle costs and maintenance.

In 2009, the investigative committee of the Russian prosecutor's office has purchased UAVs "Irkut-10" for a total amount of 100 thousand dollars.

Irkut Irkut-10. Characteristics:

Modification Irkut-10
Wingspan, m 2.00
Length m 0.70
Height, m 0.20
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 8.5
engine's type 1 AP
Power, hp 1 x
Cruising speed, km / h 80-120
Radius of action, km 70
Flight duration, h 2.0
Operating altitude, m 100-500
Practical ceiling, m 3000


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