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Ilyushin Il-46


IL-46 - medium-range bomber aircraft with straight wings, equipped with two turbojet engines AL-5.

24.03.1951 the Council of Ministers was entrusted OKB Ilyushin jet speed development of medium-range bomber. The aircraft was required to build as quickly as possible, so the Ilyushin began the design of two devices: one with swept wings, the second - Direct.


More profitable from an economic point of view looked aircraft with straight wings, which have smaller dimensions and greater range than with swept prototype.

The basis of the Il-46 constructive scheme laid a well-proven aerodynamic and structural arrangement bomber Il-28. Draft project under this scheme was ready in October 1951 Sweep of the second instance was be 35 °. This wing had thickened root portion, which gave him the necessary strength and stiffness performance. This in turn allowed to place in the cavities of the wing fuel tanks. The preliminary draft of the aircraft with swept wings in the bureau approved in December of 1951

The first flight model of the IL-46 had a twin-engine design Orthoptera sredneplana swept plumage. He had the external similarity with IL-28, only was heavier and overall size. The aircraft received two motor TP FOR (AL-5). To maintain a normal tricycle landing gear with a scheme based on the front rack, engines were placed in front of the gondola, which imposed far from the front wing. Tap hot gas pipes provide about five meters long.

The ability to operate the IL-46 aircraft on unpaved runways led to the construction of a kind of chassis design. Each strut main pillars fastened single wheel. During cleaning landing gear moved in different directions: external stand with the wheel was removed in advance, and the inner wheel - back on the flight. Wheels performs a rotation angle 90 ° and went into the fairing of the lower parts of the engine nacelles under the tailpipes. Promotion of the main wheels before landing by a hydraulic system of the aircraft.

The crew of three people was in two pressurized cabins (bow and stern). Designated pilot and navigator-operator located in the bow on the tandem type. They are on the right side wall is not separated to ensure communication between the pilot and navigator. The jobs of all crew members had armor protection, the total weight of the aircraft armor - about 880 kg. Blocks with onboard equipment placed behind the control cabin. The lower part of the fuselage took compartment chassis elements of the antenna unit surveillance and targeting radars. Further 14,4 m fuselage length were placed in two rows of fuel tanks (tanks with a total capacity 14 20,6 tons of fuel). In the area of ​​the center of gravity was a bomb bay, which was 5,7 m length.


After the second group of fuel tanks in the direction of the tail, and cut off the equipment was located. Reinforced arrow pressurized cabin with a movable cannon fodder unit is at the end of the fuselage. Bomb bay had dimensions allowing bomber to carry weapons with bombs weighing up to 6000 kg. The best option bomb load - 3000 kg. The composition of the mobile feed setup included two guns caliber 23 mm. From a similar installation on IL-28 it features more ammunition (shells against 320 225) and increased firing angle (up to 105 ° to the side instead of 70 ° IL-28). Also upgraded optical sighting station (OPS), which increased the possibility of the use of small arms.

Defensive armament planned to equip the radar gun as a small addition to the OPS. Electro cannon fodder installing IL-K8 installed on IL-46, designed directly into the Ilyushin Design Bureau. The defense of the front hemisphere was provided by two stationary cannons 23 mm, which were placed on the left side under the workplace navigator. Firing conducted pilot.

The aircraft was able to work even on one engine. Power of each motor provides separate group of fuel tanks (tanks front group - the right engine, rear - left). To protect the fuel compartments from fires and explosions, they nadtoplivnoe space filled with inert gas.

The cabins functioning air conditioning system supplies oxygen to the employment of crew members present, domestic equipment. Workstations equipped with ejection seats. Flight and navigation, sighting, radio communication equipment, together with anti-icing system was allowed to operate the IL-46 in any weather.


On the boards can be installed rocket propellant boosters, which are reset after the start. The bomber is equipped with a brake parachute.

The first prototype IL-46 was built at the end of 1951 Terrestrial factory tests continued throughout the winter at Zhukovsky airfield and 3.03.1952-46 Il Bomber first flew test pilot VK Kokkinaki.

The State Commission gave opinion on the conformity of performance of the new aircraft the declared data.

Later on IL-46 installed engines with afterburner, which caused an increase in the total thrust and take-off weight. The tail section placed two accelerators for rapid takeoff. At the same time, the Tupolev Tu-Office issued 16 bomber with a much better performance tactical aircraft. Preference is given to the government decision Tu-16, and that it allowed to the series, and all work on the IL-46 stopped. The second copy with swept wings did not have time to finish. The only IL-46 after a couple of years after the closing of the work cut into scrap metal.

IL-46 characteristics:

Modification IL-46
Wingspan, m 29.00
Length m 24.50
Height, m 4.78
Wing area, m2 105.00
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 26300
normal takeoff 41840
maximum take-off 52425
engine's type 2 turbojet engine AL-5
Thrust, kgf X 2 5000
Speed, km / h  
maximum 928
cruising 700
Flight distance, km 4970
Practical ceiling, m 12700
Crew 3
Armament: 4 23 mm x HP-23: to protect the front hemisphere of two fixed front cannon, mounted side by side on the left side of the fuselage under the cabin of the navigator; in the rear fuselage of the aircraft aft gun mount IL-K8 remote electro-hydraulic two mobile cannons (x 2 320 cartridges).
Bomb load on the inside of the suspension: normal - 3000 kg, maximum - 6000 kg.



OKB Ilyushin Aircraft


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I was impressed with such a strong armor IL-46, but in a sense it serves and its disadvantage. Flight performance is also not the worst.