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Ilyushin Il-214 (MTS)


IL-214, which has a second name MTS (multi-purpose transport aircraft), - a tactical military transport aircraft, which is being developed at the present time companies: NPK "Irkut", "AVIACOMPLEX Ilyushin" and Indian HAL corporation. The plans of the replacement of this unit, aircraft An-72, An and An-26-12 in the Russian Air Force and the AN-32 in the Indian Air Force. The beginning of cooperation in the design and development of IL-214 06.06.2007 dates back, when a tripartite agreement was signed.


The governments of India and Russia signed an agreement according to which the shares of the joint venture were separated by 50%, and is headquartered in New Delhi.

Aircraft Manufacturing planning to deploy in India and Russia. There is a decision on the construction of 205 MTS, a third of which intend to export to other countries.

The cargo compartment of the aircraft is the same size as that of the IL-76MD. According to the design calculations IL-214 can carry up to 80% all Russian military equipment, and the transportation costs will be significantly less.

The aircraft can carry a weight of 12 tons over a distance of up to 3700 20 km or so on - on 2000 km, as well as used as a landing variant for 90 people.


IL-214 included in the State Program development of military aircraft to 2015 years. 5 plans to buy aircraft. The cost of one machine IL-214 estimated at $ 35-50 million on aircraft development program were involved $ 600 million. If all the plans are to be kept, the machine can take to the air in the year 2017. According to reliable sources, Russia has an order for IL-100 214, India - on 45 devices. Even these figures is enough to enter the manufacturing breakeven level. The total potential production of this model was evaluated in 390 units, taking into account the requests of transport civil aviation.

IL-214 characteristics:

  • Crew: 2 pilot

  • Capacity: 20 t

  • Length: 37,7 m

  • Wingspan: 32,25 m

  • Height: 11,0 m

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 68 t

  • Mass fuel in internal tanks: 23 000 kg

  • Powerplant: 2 × PD 14M [10]

  • Link: 2 × 15 600 kg


Flight characteristics

  • Maximum speed: 870 km / h

  • Cruising speed: 800 km / h

  • Practical range: 2 500 km (with maximum load)

  • Ceiling: 12 000 m

  • Length of takeoff: 1 450 m

  • path length: 1 350 m




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