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Ilyushin Il-20


IL-20 - aircraft electronic intelligence and electronic warfare at based IL-18Equipped with infrared scanner, side-looking radar and other sensors.

Complex photo-reconnaissance aircraft, electronic intelligence and intercept IL-20 1968 established in the year based on the Il-18. It was used for reconnaissance along the border strip and the border of the state and is considered the first in the Soviet Union reconnaissance aircraft type. Ahead of the passenger cabin mounted electronic intelligence station and aerial cameras. Radar antenna is located in the ventral gondola. Also IL-20 station set detailed electronic intelligence equipment and radio intercepts. In the middle and the front of the passenger cabin are arranged chairs for six operators of radio systems.


Head DBK (airborne reconnaissance complex) led the operating structure. The flight crew consists of five people. Lounge with simple dual passenger seats, wardrobe, cupboard and toilet equipped with the tail of the aircraft.

March 21 1968 of the first flight. SG Bliznyuk was the commander of the crew. In 1969 was completed test cycle.

IL-20 different from the original smaller aircraft flight weight, powerful engine and AI-20M increased to 5,4 thousand. Km flight range. Before 1974, the standard IL-20 (including modifications) produced at the Moscow Aviation aircraft plant "Banner of Labor." Part of the aircraft was rebuilt from IL-18D.


IL-20 not received any weapons on aircraft reconnaissance or other subdivisions of the Armed Forces of the USSR, but directly closed on the headquarters of the fleet or district, that is including in parts of the central government. Periodically perform reconnaissance planes took part in different exercises. Subsequently, as a result of physical and moral aging razvedapparatury aircraft remaining in service were converted for freight and passenger were used for transport of goods and personnel.

Modifications of IL-22 and IL-20Rt

IL-20RT and IL-18RTL in 1980 city entered service were created based on the Il-18D. They were based at the airport Ultra that was at Baikonur. Aircrew were six people plus an electrical engineer and five people who used on-board measuring system: the operator SEB, Head of SIPA, the operator AFD engineer MA-9 MKTS and engineer BRS-4S. Despite the fact that the planes were registered for videoconferencing, they regularly performed tasks or the Navy Strategic Missile Forces during the test cruise and ballistic missiles. Then the planes were transferred to the Navy, which were used at the discretion of commanders. Modification 75 840 was sold in the city of 2001 broke. Only one aircraft was used for its intended purpose and has been upgraded.


On the basis of the Il-18D air command posts were created (or VzKP WCP) IL-22, equipped with closed code communication device. The crew of these aircraft include the officers command and control equipment and operators ASDs. On the right side of the luggage compartment hatch was the IL-18, which was used for the emergency evacuation of the airplane. All workstations were equipped with a cup under the parachute. The aircraft oxygen system is different.

IL and IL-22-20 often already been set up under the so-called standard Soviet "Aeroflot" and have a civil registration number. Also on the board next to the cabin, as well as in the passenger version of the aircraft, was the inscription "IL-18». Only a few cars were gray (Ball) color, such as IL-38.

Modifications of IL-20

  • · Il-18D "Needle" - aircraft electronic intelligence, transform a car.

  • · Il-20M - electronic reconnaissance aircraft. It was made twenty machines.

  • · Il-18RTL - instrumented aircraft, designed to test missile technology. Refitted one machine.

  • · Il-20M1 - a complex machine with advanced electronic reconnaissance.

  • · Il-22 - airborne command post, having a special connection. Built 14 aircraft. In myasishchev been modernized.

  • · Il-20RT is instrumented aircraft, designed to test missile technology. Made four machines.

  • · Il-22M-11 - further modification VzKP. Produced 21 car.

  • · Il-22M-15 - last modified VzKp. Released one plane, which went to Kazakhstan after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Nowadays JSC "IL" performs modernization and development of constructive work special purpose aircraft IL-22 and IL-20.

IL-20 characteristics:

Modification IL-20
Wingspan, m 37.42
Aircraft Length m 35.90
Height, m 10.17
Wing area, m2 140.60
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 33760
maximum take-off 64000
engine's type 4 TMD AI-20M
Power, hp X 4 4250
Maximum speed km / h 675
Cruising speed, km / h 620
Practical range, km 6200
Practical ceiling, m 10000
Crew 13



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