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Ilyushin Il-16


Sturmovik IL-16 is a further development of the known IL-10. The most noticeable difference between these machines is that the new car is shorter than its predecessor by one meter. The plane was designed in the year 1945 forces Ilyushin Design Bureau. The power plant of the aircraft consisted of two types of engines AM 43NV. These motors can develop capacity of 2,3 thousand horsepower. The machine was adopted, similar to the aircraft IL-2. The maximum speed of the machine becomes 576 km / h. In spite of all, she did not get into mass manufacturing. Basically it could be explained by constant technical problems. The biggest problems were related to the screw-motor system. Serial production was canceled because of the uselessness of the aircraft, as the war was finished.

Design features of the Il-16

The aircraft model Il-10 was the standard Soviet attack aircraft of World War II, which is why a new device was developed based on it, which is to achieve even better flight characteristics. Upon completion of state tests Il-10 was begun designing a new IL-16.


The new aircraft was made more powerful engine in the design office of A. Mikulin. Under the scheme design and aerodynamic performance IL-16 was very similar to the original machine. The difference was smaller mass and some geometrical parameters. Due to all of this attack was to reach speeds of up to 625 km / h. Furthermore, robust design and large thrust-to-weight ratio should be allowed to perform even the most complex aerobatics. The plane had reservations, which repeat all forms of the previous model, except for a thickness of the armor itself. In IL-16 armor was thinner, it is possible to reduce the overall weight of the structure. However, the plane was increased area which had armor.

IL-16 video

Armament was represented by two large-caliber guns such as NA-23. These plants could produce 280 volleys. The two machine guns armament ShKAS model, which was established in 1400 ammunition rounds have been included. All the weapons available on the detachable part of the wing. Maximum car bomb load was 400 kilos. The bombs were placed in the inner compartment of the aircraft. In addition, the bomb could be strengthened on the external sling. With further refinement apparatus bomb load was increased to 500 kilos. The tail part of the machine gun-type protecting UB-20, which had ammunition in 150 cartridges. To protect against the enemy on board the IL-16 were aviation grenades Class AH-2.


Despite the fact that the new and old weapons attack aircraft were identical, IL-16 has many advantages due to its speed and maneuverability. At the time, it was such a device does not have enough at the front. After that, the project began to prepare for serial production.

The first full-16 IL was created in the early 45 years at the production plant. At first flight test vehicle ran experienced VK Kokkinaki. This flight showed that at high power and relatively short fuselage is difficult to keep the car in horizontal flight. To solve this problem, the designers lengthened the tail part of a foot and increased the total area of ​​the tail, to control the handlebars were added trimmers. With improved aerodynamics and aircraft needed to finalize the power plant. Eventually the car to modify and do not have time, because the project was closed in the middle of summer 1946 years.

IL-16 characteristics:

Modification IL-16
Wingspan, m 12.50
Length m 10.69
Height, m 3.60
Wing area, m2 24.00
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 4315
normal takeoff 5780
engine's type 1 PD Mikulin AM 43NV
Power, hp  
rated X 1 2000
takeoff X 1 2300
Maximum speed km / h  
near the ground 529
on high 576
Practical range, km 800
Rate of climb, m / min 658
Practical ceiling, m 7600
Crew 2
Armament: Two-mm gun 23-23 load cells or HC-23 (mounted on the wing) and UBS machine gun 12.7 from behind
to RS-8 82-132 or PC
bomb load - normal version - 400 kg




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On the creation of a new aircraft Ilyushin IL 16 pushed high flight tactical opportunities the Il 10, the ability of the aircraft to conduct an active dogfight with enemy fighters. Taking as a base the design basis IL 10, CB Ilyushin start work on the creation of more high-speed and maneuverable attack aircraft IL 16 facilitated type that unfolded in 1944 year, almost immediately after the IL 10 tests.
IL16 designed for the new, more powerful engine (2300l.s.), Created in OKB Mikulin. According to his scheme and basic design decisions IL 16 was virtually identical to the IL 10, but was slightly lower with it dimensions and weight, which in combination with a more powerful engine allowed to reach a maximum speed of 625km / h. Durability IL 16 design allowed him to safely perform all the stunts.
Aircraft armament consisted of 2 23 guns and machine guns IS2 ShKAS. As the aircraft was able to carry a bomb stockpile until 400 kg, and in the process of finalizing this value was increased to 500 kg.
As regards the protection system, IL16 reservation scheme remained the same as in the IL 10, but the armor thickness of some elements has been reduced.
Thus, according to their design data IL16 I had almost the same with IL10 power of offensive and defensive weapons, but far superior to its predecessor in technical characteristics. Accordingly, the combat effectiveness of the new plane was higher. Front desperately needed in this attack aircraft, so even before the flight test pilot IL16 began preparations for its mass production.
The prototype was built by the beginning of the year 1945, and began flight tests, during which revealed some design flaws. The main problem was the engine, which had certain deficiencies and required improvements.
Work on the final design of the aircraft have been completed, it has become more stable and manageable in the air, but as expected the engine MD43NV failed to bring to the desired state, the summer of 1946 years of work on the aircraft IL16 were discontinued.