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Scout is a tactical reconnaissance drone, which was created by Israeli company IAI. UAV designated as Zahavan (in Hebrew). It was created in 1970-ies with the aim to compete with the UAV Tadiran Mastiff. The layout is similar to the arrangement Scout UAV Mastiff - the central gondola installed dvuhbalochnye scheme with a pusher propeller, gyrostabilized turealnoy plant and tricycle fixed landing gear.

Scout was first unveiled in 1979 year's Paris Air Show. Its primary goal - exploration of the battlefield. In addition, it can be used for targeting, monitoring and fighting as an artillery gunner.

To perform these tasks the UAV was equipped with a TV camera Tamam with transmission systems for GCS in real time and telephoto lenses. In addition, it is set panoramic camera and an infrared sensor. Intelligence complex consists of eight UAVs, conveyor, ground station navigation and twelve staff. The unit is part of CB weapons and the Israeli Air Force, the South African Air Force, the Air Force of Singapore and NE Switzerland.

Scout used in hostilities against Lebanon and Syria, including the operations of 1982 entitled Peace for Galilee. At that time, the priority for the Israeli Air Force were anti-aircraft missiles, which were in the Bekaa Valley (East Lebanon). All twenty-eight positions of the Israeli military failed to destroy a large extent due to the use of unmanned target Sampson and, of course, thanks to the information that has been extracted by the UAV Mastiff and Scout. The successful experience of combat use of drones has been praised in the world and especially in the United States. Somewhat later, the United States got acquainted personally with this technique in the period of his intervention in Lebanon.

The company "Malat" supply the market the UAV Mastiff and Scout with different target hardware over 10 years. Typically, UAVs Scout with fixed landing gear was run off the road and airfield. Landing short mileage was possible thanks to the rope arresting gear, I was allowed to take off the catapult (on Loader) and landing using delaying network. UAV remained in service with the Israeli army before 90-s, when it was replaced by a more modern UAV IAI Searcher.

IAI SCOUT. Characteristics:

Modification Scout
Wingspan, m 4.96
Length m 3.68
Height, m 0.94
Weight, kg  
null 96
payload 38
fuel 25
maximum take-off 159
engine's type 1 AP
Power, hp X 1 22
Maximum speed km / h 176
Cruising speed, km / h 102
Range, km 100
Flight duration, h 7
ceiling 4575


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