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Gulfstream G450. A photo. Characteristics.
Gulfstream G450. A photo. Characteristics.

Gulfstream G450



Gulfstream G450 - Gulfstream IV aircraft's successor, which was issued more than 17 years and has established itself well in the market bines- aviation. Updated modification G450 equipped with new-generation avionics and by additional safety systems, which allow to fly in more difficult weather conditions.


Gulfstream G450. Salon.

Gulfstream G450. Salon.


Gulfstream G450. Salon.

Gulfstream G450. Salon.


The aircraft is equipped with the improved economic engines Tay Mk611-8C Rolls Royce with better aerodynamics, and FADEC (digital engine control system) provides them with maximum security and efficiency. Powerful engines dayutbiznes jets able to apply a short runway and take off the rapid way in high mountain conditions.


Gulfstream G450. Salon.

Gulfstream G450. Salon.


Range G450 flight - more 8000km. The liner is able to make a non-stop flight from New York to Moscow on board which will 8 passengers.


Gulfstream G450. cockpit.

Gulfstream G450. The cockpit.


The characteristics of the aircraft Gulfstream G450:


  • Range: 8061km

  • Cruising speed: 850km / hour

  • The highest altitude: 13720m

  • The highest take-off weight: 33521kg

  • The greatest number of passengers: 12-16

  • The best number of passengers: 12-16

  • interior length: 13.7m

  • The width of the passenger compartment: 2.24m

  • Cabin height: 1.88m

  • The volume of the passenger compartment: 43.2kub.m

  • Length: 27.23m

  • Height: 7.67m

  • Wingspan: 23.7m


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