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Fleet Finch. A photo. Characteristics
Fleet Finch. A photo. Characteristics

Fleet Finch. Photo. Characteristics



A type: single-engine biplane trainer

Crew: Two pilots are arranged one behind the other

Aircraft model 16 «Finch» (Model 16 Finch) of "Fleet» (Fleet - Finch) had advanced the development of the original aircraft initial training "Consolidated" "Fleet» (Consolidated Fleet), production of which in Canada was started by "Fleet Aircraft" ( Fleet Aircraft) in 1930 year. Its origins can be traced to the then president of the company "Consolidated Fleet» (Consolidated Fleet) Major Ruben X. Fleet (Reuben H. Fleet), who believed that the civilian market in North America, there is a gap in terms of basic training aircraft.

However, having the tried and tested the first prototype, the company "Consolidated" has decided not to enter the area of ​​light aviation. Then Major decided to create a company "Aircraft Fleet" and build the training aircraft independently. Six months later, the company "Consolidated", however, again changed his mind and bought the company "Fleet" back fully prepare for the production of training aircraft in Canada. Sold in small quantities in 1930-ies on both sides of the boundary plane in the modification of the model was finally 10 September 1938 years tested the Royal Air Force in Canada.

According to test results the Air Force determined that construction should be strengthened to enable aircraft equipped with all military equipment to perform aerobatics. Known under the designation model 16 and christened in the Royal Canadian Air Force operation named "Finch» I aircraft was built in the period of 1939 1941 606 year in the number of copies - a figure that includes a later modification of Mk II with a closed cab. This training aircraft remained in service RAF Canada to 1947 years, and a number of aircraft in the future be used for civilian flight schools before the end of 1950-ies. Multiple instances remained in a state of airworthiness to the present day.

Fleet Finch. Photo.


Basic data


  • Length: 6,6 m
  • Wingspan: 8,53 m
  • Height: 2,36 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 509 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 908 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 167,3 km / h
  • Flight range: 512 km (320 miles)
  • The power plant, "Kinnear» (Kinner) In-5
  • Power: 125 l. from. (93,25 kW)


Date of first flight: September 1938 years

On right: The plane "Finch" with tail number N16BR based at the airport in Midland, Texas, next to other more like war machines, operated Confederate Air Force.

The surviving airworthy modifications: "Flit" 16V and 16R




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