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The film "Crew» (1979)
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The film "Crew» (1979)

Film "Crew"


At the end of 1970-ies in the USSR for the film - catastrophe "Crew". Timchenko The captain is always thinking about family problems, because his daughter, despite the fact that she was pregnant, wants to see her husband, the father of the child, however, decide to give birth to the baby. Aircraft Flight Engineer Igor Skvortsov - typical womanizer who suddenly falls in love with a stewardess Tamara, however, one of his former mistresses compromises and thereby removes from his beloved.

This recognizes Timchenko and threatened to expel him from the squad.
In other Skvortsova - Valentine Nenarokova situation is no better, because it is constantly brawl with his wife, which is why they decide to divorce Alevtina, which will take the child after the court hearing. Once Nenarokov went to small aircraft, but now he asks Timchenko translate it into a large aircraft. Alevtina, meanwhile, goes to the south, taking with him his son, who did not even call Nenarokova dad.

The film "The crew» (1979) 2

Timchenko learns that his health soon will not allow him to fly, and the co-pilot crew and did not do so because of poor health. Meanwhile, in its place comes Nenarokov. The crew should soon fly to Bidri oil town where there was a natural disaster. They should take the Soviet workers, who currently are in the midst of troubles. When the plane lands in Bidri earthquake occurs. All around the flames kindled, because of what the people are fear and terror, they start to panic and no longer control myself. Even fly now - a problem, because the runway is damaged, and the aircraft that ventured to fly - blown up in place. Because of the strong push destroyed the refinery, so all oil products heading towards the airport. In general, the situation is not pleasant! Timchenko make difficult decisions to fly, no matter what, and as a runway taxiway use. The aircraft accelerates and takes off just a second before the airfield is immersed in hot mudflow with oil.

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After takeoff, the crew notes that the tail of the aircraft damaged due to fall on the lighting rig. Because of the resulting damage to the aircraft would not be able to land safely. The elevator is partially blocked in the fuselage of a crack, and the depressurized cabin. At this time, Nenarokov Skvortsov and commit heroic act, in turn, getting out to the height of the handlebars and air intakes. After going on a number of breakdowns, the crew decided to land at Domodedovo. When braking, the aircraft tail off, but despite this, all the passengers and crew remain intact. But even after a heroic landing on the medical board ousted Timchenko flight, against which, his heart, and he was taken to hospital with a heart attack. Meanwhile, the commander of the ship was the accident, and Tamara married Skvortsova.



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