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FGAOU to a training center of the Ural Civil Aviation
FGAOU to a training center of the Ural Civil Aviation

FGAOU to a training center of the Ural Civil Aviation



Formed 14.11.1939. Age Training Center speaks about his professionalism and maturity. Here assembled an experienced instructor and faculty. Over the years the training center within its walls, tens of thousands of aviation professionals have been trained. Clients training center are historically aviation enterprises of Western Siberia and the Urals, but in recent years significantly expanded the geography of our students from the Far East to Kaliningrad and from roast turkey to the Far North. And if necessary, the training center has the ability (and the experience that is important) the courses with an interpreter (in foreign languages).

FGAOU to a training center of the Ural Civil Aviation 1


Ural training center is an active member and co-founder of the Association of Russian grazhdanskoaviatsionnyh training centers.

The training center has a developed infrastructure, including:

- Three-storey academic building with educational equipped classrooms, a laboratory for the creation of teaching aids, library, computer classes, language laboratories for training crews of aircraft and air traffic controllers for the purpose of radio communication on aviation English language;

- Training the body, there are crews of aircraft simulator training aircraft Tu - 134 , Tu-154. An -24, An - 12, helicopter Mi - 8T, AN - 2 As well as on the ISE-1 simulator environment navigation, CA-1 simulator training pilots and enthusiasts dedicated simulator simulating emergency escape the aircraft;

- Comfortable five storey hotel.

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The collective work of the last training center the years has been focused on increasing the quality of professional training of aviation personnel for the improvement and expansion of the simulator, educational, and social base of the training center. In this difficult and complicated for the Russian civil aviation between the center has mastered the training of aviation personnel for the use of new types of aircraft, which arrived recently called accounting airlines: 1990 - An-28, IL-86;

1991 - Tu-154M;

1992 - Yak-42;

1995 - Il-76;

1996 - Mi-8MTV;

1998 - An-74;

1999 - Tu-204;

as well as amateur pilots trained to carry out flights on the An-CA-2 and 1 plane. Since 2007 year began retraining pilots for aircraft A-320As well as helicopters BO-105 and R-44.

The technical basis for replication and creating a developed team training center of printing textbooks and manuals, training videos and slide films, the widespread use of computers makes it possible to introduce into the educational process modern new learning technologies, including training atomatizirovannye system, thus increasing the quality of training and education. In 2000 the collective training center has successfully mastered the training of crews with regard to the human factor (CRM) for a new type of Russian civil aviation.

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Specialists Training Center held a huge work to improve simulators. Enter a digital imaging for the CCC Tu-134, CCC Tu-154, CCC An-24, KTV Mi-8. Disbursed LOFT training program on CBS Tu-134, CCC Tu-154 and KTV Mi-8.

When learning to fly crews to the unfamiliar and mountain airfields used widely INO-1 (navigational simulator). For training pilots lovers have created a computer simulator CA-1 aircraft.

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