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Field Marshal Wolfram von Richthofen
Field Marshal Wolfram von Richthofen

Field Marshal Wolfram von Richthofen


Field Marshal Wolfram von RichthofenBaron Wolfram von Richthofen (it. Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen; 10 October 1895, Gut Bartsdorf in Silesia (now near Strzegom, Poland) - 12 July 1945, Bad Ischl) - German military leader, Field Marshal Aviation (1943 ).

15 May 1945, the field marshal found himself a prisoner of the Americans. Court was sentenced to death, and then the sentence was changed to "life imprisonment". He was released in 1952 Died July 20 1960 In the last years of his life engaged in military history. Written by well-known work "The German air force."

Field Marshal Wolfram von Richthofen was the nephew of the best ace of World War I the "Red Baron» (80 aerial victories). In the Luftwaffe he held senior positions. During the Spanish Civil War was a colonel, chief of staff of the Legion "Condor". In 1939 was Poland B. von Richthofen commanded the special forces compound. As is known, the Polish Air Force could not fight on equal terms with the German. While the future field marshal, and then lieutenant-general, a lot of attention is paid to the interaction of different types of troops. Since 1942 of AT. von Richthofen was the commander of 4-th Air Force, with the city 1943 - 2-m.

At the end of the war he had been released from all posts because he was terminally ill. Died July 12 1945 city Battle Field Marshal Hugo Sperrle the way, unlike other generals, was not so blistatelen and bright, although its military business he performed competently and with great care. In 1936 was General G. Sperrle in Spain commanded the famous legion "Condor". The Legion is a group of bombers, fighters and reconnaissance, as well as other units. Position General was responsible: in addition to purely combat operation, had to deal with other problems associated with the various types of test aircraft, with the analysis and generalization of combat experience.

In the run-up to Germany's World War II G. Sperrle was appointed to one of the most important positions in the Luftwaffe, he became commander of 3-th Air Force. At the same time, he held another post - the commander of the air forces of the Western District. On the post of commander of the fleet, he was until August 1944, when he was sent into retirement. He was convicted in 1949 was released. In the formation of aviation in the post-war period did not take any part.

Died July 20 1960 city


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