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Field Marshal Erhard Milch
Field Marshal Erhard Milch

Field Marshal Erhard Milch



Field Marshal Erhard Milch

Erhard Milch (Erhard Milch; 30 March 1892 - 25 January 1972) - German military leader, Field Marshal. Deputy Goering, Inspector General of the Luftwaffe.

Field Marshal Erhard Milch his first major post was in 1935 city - stat secretary of the Imperial Ministry of Aviation Industry. At the beginning of the Second World War with the rank of colonel in command of 5-th Air Force. E. Milch after the suicide of General E. Udet was responsible for the technical policy in the field of aviation; later he was one of the technical managers of the program V-1 (FAA-1).

In 1943, the Field Marshal was given the task of supplying the troops to carry out the Fuhrer 6-th Army Paulus, are surrounded. For a number of purely objective factors ordered by Adolf Hitler was not implemented. Delivery of military cargo through the air surrounded by the troops was about 20% of the planned: 90-100 tons per day instead of 500 t.

Shortly before the end of the war, E. Milch lost their jobs Secretary for Aviation and the Director of the Air Force. In May, the 1945 he was fired and his last post - Inspector General of the Luftwaffe. A few days after he was arrested by British security services and put on trial. Instead of 15 years' imprisonment upon conviction, he spent only ten and was released. E. Milch - the only field marshals of the Luftwaffe, who after the war was linked to their activities in any way with the aircraft. He worked as a consultant in aeronautical engineering companies in the "Fiat" and "Thyssen".

Died January 25 1972 city



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