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Fairchild Metro
Fairchild Metro

Aircraft Fairchild Metro. Photo. Description.


Fairchild Aerospace Meter (Fairchild SwearingenMetroliner) - US aviation turboprop airliner for regional air lines. Developed and produced series now Swearingen Aircraft, and later - Fairchild in period1968-2001 years.


Metroliner model developed on the basis of the previous model - the administrative turboprop Swearingen Merlin aircraft and, in fact, is its strong processing. This aircraft was built in the nineteen passenger seating capacity, since, according to FAA requirements Aviation Administration, an increased number of passengers forced airline companies to include cabin crew in the crew. An analogue of the aircraft made its first flight in 1969. Company Swearingen Aircraft, which 1971 year in financial difficulties was bought and renamed Fairchild Swearingen AviationCorporation. Serial production of the aircraft started in 1971 was up to 2001. The aircraft produced in large quantities of cargo and passenger versions.


Fairchild Metro Salon

Fairchild Metro Salon


Main operators of aircraft:


Aeronaves TSM;


Air Cerberus;



Bearskin Airlines;

Berry Aviation;


Carson Air;

Hardy Aviation;

IBC Airways;

Key Lime Air;


LC Busre;

Merlin Airways;


Peninsula Airways;

Perimeter Aviation;

Sharp Airlines;

Skippers Aviation;

Sunwest Aviation;

Toll Aviation;

Western Air.


Features Fairchild Metro :


Length: 18,09m.

Height: 16,53 m.

Empty weight: 3963kg.

Wingspan: 17,37m.

Wing area: 260 square. m.

Cruising speed: 515km / h..

Maximum speed: 576km / h..

Flight range with maximum load: 2131km.

Engines: 2 × theater GarrettAiResearch TPE331.

Crew: 2cheloveka.

Number of seats: 19mest,

Maximum takeoff weight: 6577-7257kg (depending on model).


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