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Erco PQ-13 UAV target
Erco PQ-13 UAV target

Erco PQ-13 UAV target

UAV Erco PQ-13 is a multi-purpose machine, which was designed by the famous designer F. Wijk, he worked for the company Erco. The prototype was made in 30-ies of the last century, but did not fly to 1937, yet at the time it schiat a major breakthrough for the company and the designer in particular.

The machine is made in the scheme of a cantilever monoplane, which were located low wings. The whole structure of the fuselage was of metal and covered with canvas. The tail feathers and body were made with metal, and the tail is attached directly to the upper part of the body, it consisted of milk with keels and rudders guide. For the landing gear was used, consisting from three racks equipped with liquid-gas shock absorbers.

The most unusual design was the simplicity of dual control, which did not have pedals on the handlebars. The new control system Erco interconnected ailerons, nose wheel and rudders, it is possible to make turns on the ground and in the air using only the wheel. Elevators could be operated in the standard scheme.

Since 1940 and 1944 years 100 was made about these machines. First of all, they were used for the needs of the USAS. Previously used as aerial targets phones 415-C, which was soon replaced by the UAV Erco PQ-13.

Manufacture of aircraft Erco PQ-13 was discontinued with the start of the Second World War, and after the end of the newly launched production. Starting with 1947 years, the Americans on the basis of the standard model have been made upgraded model. New machines were equipped with a more powerful engine in the 75 and 85 horsepower. Also, the new machines were equipped with more powerful equipment. There were manufactured 6 thousand such targets. In the end, the company was bought by Erco more powerful now Alon Inc, which also received all rights for further manufacturing. The company has introduced the changes and improvements, and then in 1964 year introduced an updated version with the designation A-2 Aircoupe.

Erco PQ-13 UAV target.Features:

Modification Model 415-C
Wingspan, m 9.14
Aircraft Length m 6.32
Height, m 1.80
Wing area, m2 13.25
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 329
maximum take-off 572
engine's type 1 PD Continental A65-8
Power, hp X 1 65
Maximum speed km / h 188
cruising speed, km / h 152
Practical range, km 845
Practical ceiling, m 3962
Crew 2


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