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ENIKS E08 UAV target
ENIKS E08 UAV target

ENIKS E08 UAV target

E08 - a complex of small air targets, which is a good analogue maneuverable small targets such as UAVs, cruise missiles and guided bombs when planning military training of the troops.

The complex is used to ensure proper training of military units at the sites of the Ministry of Defense, equipped with special means to enable the use of target.

Presented complex is located on the GAZ-2 3308. One car with a body type KUNG serves as a platform for the ground control station, which runs the management target, as well as other auxiliary equipment. The second car has a body with hinged tailgate, a tent and arcs. It is a transport vehicle on which the search engine and evacuation. The car is equipped with a set of targets for evacuation and lifting mechanism. At the same time, you can control up to four targets.

Aerial target E08 E95M is a continuation of the targets of family and received an increased size of the wing and fuselage. Able to simulate subsonic maneuvering targets such as UAVs, glide bombs, cruise missiles. Running target is performed with a ground launcher, which can be towed.

After the start of the target provides for: removing the preset height, flying in a horizontal direction, to perform certain maneuvers in the horizontal and vertical planes, landing for a given program or operator commands.

Air targets E08 management in flight is made from a mobile ground control station. In case of emergency you can force the termination of the flight by radio signal or signals of on-board systems. Planting target parachute type, carried out on the flat unprepared sites.

As the power plant is used jet engine, which provides ease of use and low cost targets.

Purpose ground control station E95U:

  • preflight preparation of target-to-use;

  • prelaunch control targets;

  • start implementation targets;

  • management targets in flight;

  • Route programming targets the flight;

  • preparation of surface installations for the application of targets.

The ground control station is located on the base of GAZ-3308-wheel drive. Radio command control target during the job done with the NSO. This displays telemetry and coordinating information on the screen the operator's station. feeding can be carried out targeted management commands from the operator's place manually or automatically according to the program, implying the passage of a specified target route. During the flight control mode can be changed from automatic to manual or vice versa. In the event of force majeure, such as radio control failure, the target is controlled by means of on-board automation, which provide the termination of flight and parachute landing. Upon completion of the flight program are sent to the target zone of the landing area and operate it with a shot of landing the parachute.

The ground control station consists of:

  • terrestrial radio equipment;

  • power supply system ground equipment;

  • compressed air supply system;

  • system of domestic security and livelihoods;

  • means of communication;

  • APP.

ENIKS E08 UAV target. Characteristics:

Modification E08
The diameter of the rotor, m 5.00
Length m 4.15
The diameter of the fuselage, m  
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 75
engine's type 1 WFD M135
Thrust, kgf 1 x
Maximum speed km / h 300
Cruising speed, km / h 200-300
Radius of action, km  
The flight duration, min 30
Practical ceiling, m 3000


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