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"Émile dewoitine» D 26. A photo. Characteristics
"Émile dewoitine» D 26. A photo. Characteristics

"Émile dewoitine» D 26. A photo. Characteristics


France and Switzerland

A type: single-engine fighter and training aircraft type parasol

Crew: one pilot

Designed on the basis of the type of fighter parasol "Devuatin» (Dewoitine) D 27 III, which entered service in the Swiss Air Force 1931 year. The plane was a special D 26 a training modification, built in limited numbers (11 aircraft) under license from the Swiss company EKW. While front-line fighter was equipped with an engine "Hispano-Suiza» (Hispano Suiza) 12Mb V12 500 liter capacity. from. (372,6 kW), the aircraft was equipped with D 26 radial engine from the same manufacturer, but less than half the power.

The plane "Devuatin" proved to be a wonderful teaching and training unit for future fighter pilots units "Fangertrupp» (Fliegertruppe), and despite the fact that the planes D 27 III to 1940 years replaced (and was finally scrapped in 1944 year) on purchased German planes Bf 109E, D 26 remained in operation until the end of this decade. Of the eleven originally built six aircraft survived military service and were sold in Switzerland in private hands between the 1949 and 1951 years. Multiple instances appeared in Great Britain and France, and several original engines were replaced with more powerful and reliable built in the United States star engines "Jacobs» (Jacobs)) R-755-A2.

"Devuatin» D 26. Photo.


Basic data


  • Length: 6,40 m
  • Wingspan: 10,30 m
  • Height: 2,78 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 930 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 1065,96 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 192 km / h
  • Range: 368 km


Power point: parent engine "Hispano" 90A now "Jacobs» R-755-A2

Power: 250 l. from. (186,3 kW) and 300 l. from. (224 kW), respectively,

Date of first flight: 1928 year

The remaining airworthy modifications: D 26

On right: D 26 aircraft with French registration number F-AZJD are wearing identification signs "l'Armi de l'Eyr» D 27.




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