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"De Havilland" the DH 89 "Domini". A photo. Characteristics
"De Havilland" the DH 89 "Domini". A photo. Characteristics

"De Havilland" the DH 89 "Domini". A photo. Characteristics


United Kingdom

A type: twin-engine trainer and connected biplane

Crew: the plane could accommodate up to six people in a training version and to 10 people - in a coherent

"Domini» (Dominie), military modification of light aircraft "Dragon Rapid» (Dragon Rapide), initially produced to perform the same task of the Ministry of Aviation (G.18 / 35), and that the plane "Anson" company Avro. As mentioned earlier, the monoplane was selected for solving the general problem of intelligence, so the company "De Havilland" had to settle for the sale of a small number of aircraft DH 89M (a designation that gave military aircraft, - "Rapid"), the Spanish government for use in Morocco. However, not all was lost for an elegant aircraft "Rapid", as he was selected by the Royal Air Force to perform the role of connected - some planes the DH 89 were acquired in 1937-1938 years until 1939 year was not purchased 17 aircraft to train with radio equipment.

At this time, a training modification, wherein loop antenna on the cab radio compass, received the designation "Domini» Mk I, while connected modification was christened "Domini» Mk II. The aircraft remained in production until July 1946 years. For the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm (FAA - Fleet Air Arm) was built about 475 aircraft Dominie (plus a little released for the US Army Air Force in the UK). In addition to the eight aircraft "Rapid Dragon" / "Domino", which have been preserved today in the UK able to airworthiness, several other instances are also in a state of airworthiness in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

"De Havilland» DH 89 «Domini." Photo.


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 253 km / h



  • Length: 10,52 m
  • Wingspan: 14,63 m
  • Height: 3,12 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 1465 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 2945 kg


Range of flight: 917 km

Power point: Two engine "De Havilland" "Gypsy Queen"

Power: 400 l. from. (298,2 kW)

Date of first flight: 17 April 1934 years (civil modification "Rapid Dragon")

The remaining airworthy modifications: DH and DH 89V 89A

On right: Dominie, tail number Z7260 flew several years in the air ambulance configuration inspired by one of two such aircraft, built with money collected by subscription Foundation "Silver Fimbl» (Silver Thimble Fund) spring 1941 years. This machine was lost in a tragic accident in Eudli End (Audley End), United Kingdom, June 1991 years.




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