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Dassault MD 311-312 Flamant. A photo. Characteristics.
Dassault MD 311-312 Flamant. A photo. Characteristics.

Dassault MD 311-312 Flamant. Photo. Characteristics.


A type: Twin-engine monoplane transport and general-purpose aircraft

Capacity: a crew of two and up to ten passengers

One of the first post-war product reformed the company "Bosch» (Bloch, renamed "Dasso» (Dassault) in 1945 year, the twin-engine plane "Flamands» (Flamant) was built to meet the needs of France in uchebnotrenirovochnom and transport aircraft. There were quite liberated in the Union able and affordable general aviation (and aircraft of the former "axis", too: planes "Siebel» Si 204 built in France during the occupation), but the French have decided that we need a more modern design, so that the company "Dassault" hastily built Plane MD.303.

This special one-off prototype was soon replaced by plane MD.315, which has a more powerful engine, "Renault» / SNECMA. Beating in the face of rival aircraft manufacturer S0.90 from nationalized SNCAS0, the company "Dassault" received in December 1947 years 65 initial contract for aircraft MD.315. By the end of production in the year it was delivered 1952 136 production aircraft. The aircraft was operated in France and its colonial territories in Africa and Asia. Used as an aircraft to transport troops, light transport aircraft and sanitation, "Flamand" during the conflict in Algeria and French Indonesia reworked in attack. Training aircraft "Flamand" was commissioned in November 1948 years.

It produced about 40 aircraft MD.311 (for crew training) and 118 aircraft MD.312 (for pilot training). Last-built military aircraft "Flamand» (MD.312) was raised in the French Air Force in January 1954 years. In addition to aircraft for the Air Force was built 25 aircraft (MD.312M) for the French Navy in 1952-1953 years. The aircraft served in all the roles he destined to final decommissioning in 1983 year.

Basic data


  • Length: 12,78 m
  • Wingspan: 20,21 m
  • Height: 4,9 m

Range of flight: 1500 km

Power point: two engines 12S 02the company SNECMA

Power: 1060 l. from. (866 kW)

The weight:

  • BLANK: 5100 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 6400 kg

Date of first flight:

  • February 10 1947 years (aircraft MD.303)

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 445 km / h

The surviving airworthy modifications: MD.311 and MD.312


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