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Dassault Étendard IV
Dassault Étendard IV

Dassault Étendard IV



Dassault Étendard IV (Etendard IV) - a single-engine single French fighter was adopted in the early 1960-ies. According to its characteristics, it was on par with other armies in the world subsonic fighters of his time. The Air Force of France, he served as a fighter-interceptor, fighter-bomber, ground attack, reconnaissance and tanker aircraft fuel.

The aircraft was manufactured in various versions:

  • IV-M fighter-interceptor. The first flight was made on it 28 May 1958 years. He was armed and in naval aviation.
  • IV-P scout. Mass production of a 1962



Dassault Étendard IV photo

Dassault Étendard IV photo


Power point:

  • a turbojet engine SNEGMA «AtAr8» thrust 4500 kg.


The performance characteristics of the aircraft

Dassault Étendard IV:


  • Wingspan, m 9,60

  • Aircraft Length m 14,35

  • Height, m ​​3,85

  • Wing area, m2 29,00

  • Launch weight, kg 9000

  • The maximum speed, km / h 1100

  • Ceiling, m 15 500

  • Range with full refueling (3300 L), km

  • Range with a full combat load, km 600-1600


Dassault Étendard IV photo 2

Dassault Étendard IV photo



  • two built-in gun (30-mm)

  • bombs, missiles 1400 kg total weight

  • missiles "air-to-air."

Instead of bombing and missile possible suspension of two fuel tanks (1200 L).


Military aviation


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