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Aircraft Black Box
Aircraft Black Box

Aircraft Black Box



Here's a riddle: It is orange, and it is called "black". When it is seen, it is said that this "box", but in fact it has a round shape. What is this? "Black Box ..." - makes uncertain inference someone from the readers. And he was right! How did all these paradoxes with color and form? It is necessary to find out ...


Aircraft Black Box


The black box in a narrow circle called the "flight recorder". That's right, the name is closely associated with the aviation industry. Absolutely all aircraft have on board this recorder. The function of a black box - to record all kinds of data during the flight. In the first place - the flight data is being read from the devices. Also recorded conversations and pilots. The black box in a modern airplane is able to capture about 500 different parameters. If a disaster happens, thanks to all these data, it is possible to reconstruct the flight and to identify the causes of disruption of the vessel.


What is the black box of the aircraft?


Indeed, the "black box" is painted in a bright orange color. This is to some extent makes it easier to search for him among the wreckage. Inside the box is electronic filling, as well as the memory module - which is the main element (it stores all the information).

The black box of the aircraft 2

About 10 years ago, the memory module has been cumbersome. The reason for that - especially writing data. While recording on a punched tape, magnetic tape, and even a special magnetic wire. The optimal form of housing for such records is a cylinder.
Today, the principle is identical to the recording principle of the most ordinary stick. In place of the cylindrical shape of a box arrived. Imagine a USB flash drive is not stored in a pants pocket, and in an armored box, and all will become clear.

The black box of the aircraft 4

Well, if the flash drive is, of course, it can be connected to a computer. Let's see what is written there. And written on it one thousand flights (you knew that record everything flying?). Well, so, on a computer screen in a special program displays various graphs. The top - a height just below - the schedule parameters of the engine, even lower - record the conversation of pilots, and so much more.

Since the box, which we are considering, was not in a plane crash, the computer easily held all the information. But what if the box carefully "tryahanut"?
No, for the sake of the experiment to break the plane, we will not, but a test of strength all the same arrange.

The black box of the aircraft 56

In this experiment, we will help Valery. He is a master of sports in classical rally Soviet times. We have the trailer box by a cable to the car Valeria, and he will try to properly dispersed and perform the maneuver, in which the box with all his might hit the metal bucket snowplow. Let's go!


The black box of the aircraft photos


The car accelerates to 100 km \ h, and "flying" right on the snow machines. Confident wheel turn right and then left, and our box hits the metal barrier and flies away from her for a couple of meters. The blow was so strong that the metal ladle remained dent! Visually box does not hurt if you do not take into account the wear. Now, again, try to connect the recorder to a computer. And what do we see? No changes, everything works as before! All data are preserved, even after such a hard test.

The black box of the aircraft 77

The experiment continues. This time we go to the roof, the height of which about 100 meters, and cast off the box down. The short flight, and that's a little box bounces off the hard asphalt. Surprisingly strong instrument! After the collision, remained on the asphalt pit, while the recorder is only slightly bent cable for connection to a computer. Now it will be harder to read. It's just a computer, this box is not connected, and he was sent to the experts. For the masters of their craft tainted plume - a typical situation. Automated machine extracts the recorder memory card that is inserted by hand into the reader.

The black box of the aircraft 654

Now imagine what happens to a black box during a disaster. One of the enormous destructive forces - is the fire and the heat. And then the orange box changes its color to black. By international standards, flight data recorder must withstand an open flame and temperature in degrees 1000 at least an hour. Due to what is possible to achieve a fire resistance? The secret of the powder, which filled the entire space of the recorder.

The black box of the aircraft 23

For clarity, we will conduct another experiment. Take an ordinary hen's egg, place it in a container, and fill the entire space of the same powder that is in the black box. Now shipping container in the oven on the open fire. 1100 degree temperature (by the way, is the temperature of the combustion of aviation kerosene). 20 minutes later we obtain our container. And what do you think happened to the egg? Nothing! It remains moist.

The main principle of black box - "at any cost to save the recorded data!". When disaster struck, experts from these data restore every moment of the flight. Thus, it will be clear what caused the failure of the work other vessel, as well as find out whether the crew acted in this situation. In any event, conclusions will be drawn that will help in the future to avoid such disasters, and save thousands of lives.

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