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Arrow UAV
Arrow UAV

Arrow UAV

Robotic complex "Strela" performs the task of air target and is designed to address these practical problems:

  1. Evaluation of actual performance characteristics of radar air defense system (ARPK): precision tracking of targets in range, speed and angular coordinates, the detection range of targets with different efficiency of the reflecting surface (EOC).
  2. Circling SAM for the purpose of testing and crew training with different types of goals.
  3. Shooting SAM tests.
  4. Evaluation of the accuracy and binding orientation of radar air defense system, which significantly affect the efficiency of targeting.
  5. Evaluation reflective characteristics of aircraft in the wavelength range ARKP.
  6. Tee "Arrow" is the best analogue of the real objectives of the entire list of relevant parameters for radar-fire and to determine the speed, range, GO radar seekers;
  7. Operation VM "Arrow" provides a strong decrease in cash costs for the solution of all these problems, because there is no need to spend money on expensive flights of aircraft in real time. In addition, significantly reduced labor intensity and complexity of flight experiments.


"Arrow", as an air target is able to simulate the means of air attacks on the type of UAV, subsonic aircraft and cruise missiles during combat crews, infantry and obletnyh test all models of S-125 with simulated targets for PARGSN 5G23, ROC 5N62 and radio controlled fuses Zour in -860. Various modifications of the UAV equipment provide a solution to the same problems for different types of aircraft and SAM missile systems production, NATO and Russia. Reliable and promising way to simulate the EOC airborne targets low-profile media radar is an active response to the necessary level repeater signal RES ARKP.

"Arrow" can simulate EOC typical air targets such as: cruise missiles "air-surface" with a glider-type Stealth with the EOC and miniature reconnaissance drones, armed cruise missiles without technology Stealth, shock UAV KR antenna systems ARGSN, teaching and training aircraft with the EOC; fighter aircraft, tactical light, multi-purpose fighter aircraft and attack aircraft with the EOC; military transport and AWACS aircraft refuellers.

Land management tools ensure the efficiency changes in the flight task, receiving and displaying external trajectory and telemetry data of the target air. Ground Handling consists of ground automated control systems and complex process equipment. All these funds are necessary to carry out verification work on the health of the systems on board and its preparation for launch or re-use.

The main modes of operation: a dive, pitch up, climb, take-off, horizontal flight, the emergency parachute landing, flying at low altitude, turn, decrease.

Aerial target can be reused. Methods for flight operations: radiokorrektiruemy and offline. The entire complex consists of a standard aircraft "Arrow" and radar simulator for reflections "RIP."

LTH: wingspan - 2,8 m; Length - 2,38 m; gross weight - 33 kg; Engine Type - 1 TRD; cruising speed - 150 km / h; Maximum - 330 km / h; the duration of the flight - 30 minutes; reach - 64 km; ceiling - 3,5 km.

Arrow UAV. Characteristics:

Modification Arrow
Wingspan, m 2.80
Length m 2.38
The diameter of the fuselage, m  
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 33
engine's type 1 TRD
Thrust, kN X 1 0.22
Maximum speed km / h 330
Cruising speed, km / h 150
Radius of action, km 64
The flight duration, min 30
Practical ceiling, m 3500


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