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Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29. A photo. Characteristics. Salon
Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29. A photo. Characteristics. Salon

Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29. A photo. Characteristics. Salon


Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29 - twin-engine business jet manufactured by the American company Lear Jet Corporation during the period of 1977 1982 year. Although the minimum number of outstanding aircraft of these models, and for five years was made only 7 aircraft (5 aircraft Bombardier LearJet 28 and 2 aircraft Bombardier LearJet 29), they all operate to this day.


Bombardier LearJet 28 photo



Initially, the American aircraft were trying to set up production of the aircraft, which could replace the previous model - Bombardier LearJet 25However, production was so expensive that in large-scale release of new models and were not included. Initially, business jets carried the name LearJet 28 \ 29, however, after the company acquired the shares of Bombardier Aerospace US corporation, the name of the aircraft was made to add a Canadian brand Bombardier.

Aircraft Bombardier LearJet 28 could place on their board to 8 passengers, but given the state of the business community, such a large seating capacity for planes administrative type was useless, as a consequence, within a few years, aircraft designers have presented a new model - Bombardier LearJet 29, different from the 28 th model that by reducing passenger was able to increase the capacity of the tanks of the aircraft, which naturally led to an increase in flight range. However, the enormously high fuel consumption and expensive maintenance of these administrative aircraft led to a minimum interest in the business community, which ultimately brought the aircraft manufacturers exclusively losses.

One of the main reasons for the high cost of business jets Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29 a rich interior, and, if previously Corporation Lear Jet completed salon after prior approval of the customer, in this model there was only one collation, and, panel walls are lined with black and red tree seating tight fitting genuine leather, etc. Experts do not rule out that this factor has led to one of the reasons for low demand for aircraft Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29.


Bombardier LearJet 29 photo


In the design of aircraft Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29 aircraft designers have made in the fuselage of the aircraft is one very important element, which is used to this day in almost all business jets - winglets. Because of this element increases manageability aircraft when flying at cruising speeds, but also increases fuel economy.


Bombardier LearJet 28 interior photo


To date, Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29, all seven units issued for 5 years of production, used by NASA, although initially, 4 unit belonged to representatives of business circles.


Technical characteristics of aircraft Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29


  • Crew: 2 person;
  • Passenger capacity:
    • Bombardier LearJet 28: 8 people;
    • Bombardier LearJet 29: 6 people;
  • aircraft Length: 14,51 m .;
  • Wingspan: 13,35 m .;
  • Plane Height: 3,73 m .;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 6,805 t .;
  • Maximum flight distance:
    • Bombardier LearJet 28: 2100 km .;
    • Bombardier LearJet 29: 2470 km .;
  • Ceiling: 15545 m .;
  • Engine Type: 2 × General Electric CJ-610-8A;
  • Link: 2 × 13,12 kN.


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