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Boeing 757
Boeing 757

Boeing 757. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.


The oil crisis in the seventies, significantly affected the air transport worldwide. The company «Boeing» responded by creating two new twin-engine aircraft. This Boeing 757 and 767. Both aircraft through the use of new, at that time, engines, knowledge in aerodynamics and new materials, thus reducing on the 30 percent of operating costs in comparison with airplanes which were in operation at the time of construction of the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767.

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Boeing 757 photo

Boeing 757 over beach

Boeing 757 «is» in the sky since the eighties. Boeing virtually no different than 757 767 and Boeing, and no matter whether it is about aerodynamics, power, electronics, and materials from which they were produced. The main difference between them is the flight range. At Boeing 757 shorter distance flights, which is about seven thousand kilometers. The next major difference is the layout of the deck. 767 has the form of wide-body airliner, which means it has a wider fuselage and its interior has a two-pass and can carry 255-375 passengers. A-757 200 narrow-body, has one pass in the lounge and can accommodate up to safety standards 239 passengers. But usually, it flies with 228 passengers. 757 the Boeing produced in versions -200 and -300, in 47 55 length and meters, respectively, and with a wingspan of 38 meters. These models are equipped with two engines of the company RollsRoyce or Pratt and Whitney, which allow them to fly at the speed of 850 kilometers per hour.


Boeing 757 photo salon

Modification 757-200F / PF, a cargo version derived from the civil cases Boeing 757-200

Version 757-200M is the only machine made for mixed passenger and freight traffic received from B757-200F. The first flight it took place on July 15 1988-th year. His cravings produce two motors RB211-535, the firm «RollsRoyce» and its maximum takeoff weight is higher than the standard Boeing 757-200F.

757-300 version is derived from the version 757-200. By lengthening the fuselage was able to increase the number of passenger seats. His passenger more on 21 percentage than in 757-200, allowing you to hold up to 289 passengers. The range of its flight is 6287 kilometers. Take-off weight increased to 123600 kg. The chassis have wider tires and powerful brakes. In 757 Boeing engines can be used Rolls Royce RB211-535 and Pratt & Whitney PW2000, with a thrust of up to 164,7 191,3 kN.


Boeing 757 interior scheme

Boeing 757 scheme

There are also military modifications Boeing 757, this version of the C-32, serving for the transportation of government officials, such as the US vice president.

Boing 757 also served as a flying laboratory for testing avionics F-22 Raptor.

For military and Boing 757 government purposes is used not only in the USA but also in New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

With the decrease in orders the Boeing production ended in 757 2004 year. Since 1982 2004 by year it produced about 1050 Boeing 757. But in spite of this 757 Boeing is still used by most airlines.


Features Boeing 757-300:


  • Length: 54,47 m (in 757-200 - 47.32 m)
  • Height: 13,56 m
  • Wingspan: 38,05 m
  • Wing area: 181,25 sq.m.
  • Empty weight: 64100 kg (in 757-200 - 57840 kg)
  • The diameter of the fuselage: 3,7 m.
  • Cruising speed: 850 km / h
  • Range: 6287 km. (In 757-200 - 7275 km.)
  • Number of seats: 289 places (in 757-200 - 234 people)
  • Crew: 2 person


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Boeing 757. Video.

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