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"Beach» UC-43 / GB-2 «Traveller». Photo. Characteristics.
"Beach» UC-43 / GB-2 «Traveller». Photo. Characteristics.

"Beach» UC-43 / GB-2 «Traveller». Photo. Characteristics.



A type: single-engine biplane reconnaissance and connected

Capacity: pilot and three or four passengers

It was the first aircraft, launched after Walter Beach (Walter Beech) left the company "Air Travel"

(Travel Air). Eye-catching airplane model 17 «Stedzherving» (Staggerwing) in 1930-ies quickly asserted itself in the growing US civilian market. With 1934 1939 year were produced for at least b different versions, all of them offering their owners the comfort and good performance characteristics. These features attracted also the US military command, and soon, in 1939 year, the US Navy purchased a small number of aircraft (under the designation GB-1) for transportation of VIPs, and when two years later the war broke out, the Navy purchased more than 300 following instances ( under the designation GB-2), 105 of which were in turn placed in the Royal Navy.

In 1939, the US Air Force also acquired three aircraft D17S, received the designation YC-43 «Traveller» (Traveller - traveler). Three years later, in the company of "HIV" was posted on a production order 27 aircraft UC-43, which was followed by orders for aircraft 75 and 105 "Traveller", bringing the total number of purchases of US Air Force aircraft to 20. A large number of civil aircraft "Stedzherving» (434 instance where the company has built Beech December 1941 years) has also been translated into military service.

Production of civil aircraft "Stedzherving" resumed to stop hostilities in August 1945 years, and the last copy left the assembly line of "Beach" in 1948 year. A large number of civil aircraft "Stedzherving" save the state of airworthiness to 1990-ies, there is also a fair number of former military aircraft UC-43 / GB-2.

Basic data


  • Length: 7,98 m
  • Wingspan: 9,75 m
  • Height: 3,12 m


Power point: "Pratt & Whitney» R-985-AN-1 «Wasp Junior"

Power: 450 l. from. (335,3 kW)

The weight:

  • BLANK: 1399 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 2123 kg


Date of first flight:

  • November 4 1932 years (civilian aircraft "Stedzherving" Company "Beach")


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 319 km / h
  • Range: 805 km


The surviving airworthy modifications:

  • YC-43, UC-43, GB-2 and civil modification "Beach» 17


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