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Drones ahead of his time: a unique invention of Nikola Tesla
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Drones ahead of his time: a unique invention of Nikola Tesla

Drones ahead of his time: a unique invention of Nikola Tesla


Unmanned aerial vehicles have become massively used relatively recently, with their high efficiency not only provides opportunities for the armed forces of almost any country, but according to experts, it is possible in the near future, any military conflict will be conducted without the direct participation in hostilities of people. The first country to become operate drones was, of course, Germany, and, it happened back in 30 - 40-ies of the last century, however, in reality, the first who was able to patent a similar invention, became famous worldwide physicist Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla has always been distinguished not only a phenomenal approach to science, but also regularly demonstrated innovation, even by modern standards, the invention predominantly military character, however, not so long ago, about two months ago, was discovered by his patent for the creation of a military UAV, capable of to carry out the destruction of almost any purpose on an unlimited range of distances that is highly lethal weapons, including by modern standards. The patent for the invention of an unmanned aerial vehicle is dated 1898 year, which clearly points to the fact that world-famous physicist, was ahead of its time for at least 5-6 decades.

According to the explanatory note submitted to the patent, unmanned aircraft took control by means of waves and pulses, and given the fact that the potential of waves Nikola Tesla opened quite a long time, it provides the opportunity to control the electrical signals on the unlimited distances. However, much more important is the fact that he himself drone had unlimited autonomous flight mode, in particular, Nikola Tesla was able to receive energy directly from the air, thereby providing power to the drone.



By the way, it should be noted that the drone Nikola Tesla can be positioned in a combat drone, with the legendary physicist fully provided for selection of weapons drone setting is not it a kind of generator of electrical impulses that allow a high degree of accuracy to direct electrical discharges in objects are on the ground, and we are talking about tens of thousands of volts.

Experts believe that Nikola Tesla could easily create a similar aircraft, a kind of a weapon capable of spreading death across the planet, however, to date, failed to find any trace of such a plant, as a consequence, it is logical to assume that the sample or has been created, tested and destroyed, or else, it did not exist at all.


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