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Bell P-39 Airacobra. A photo. Characteristics.
Bell P-39 Airacobra. A photo. Characteristics.

Bell P-39 Airacobra. A photo. Characteristics.


A type: single-engine fighter

Crew: one pilot

The revolutionary development of the company "Bell» (Bell), the plane F-39 introduced the concept of single-engine fighter aircraft with engine installation in the center of the fuselage and tricycle landing gear. The unusual layout of the aircraft was caused by the installation of 37-T9 mm cannon firing through the propeller hub. In order to place these weapons in the nose, the engine installed behind the cockpit over the wing center section. It is strongly shifted the center of gravity back, forcing designers to establish tricycle landing gear.

Unfortunately, the radical design of the aircraft F-39 did not meet the staggering numbers of performance, especially in the time to reach a height of 4267,2 m (14 LLC feet). Its engine V-1710 company "Allison» (Allison) with turbochargers do their job. Following the evaluation test and NACA US Air Force said the company "Bell" which is available for the aircraft "Eyrkobra" engine does not need V1710 turbocharged! But when the fighter entered the 1941 year in operation, the wisdom of this decision quickly sparked questions. Combat capability of the aircraft in its designated role was so compromised that the theaters of operations, where it was possible to use other fighters, he was soon reduced to the role of the aircraft close air support.

Flying at a much lower altitude over the eastern front, Soviet Air Force, however, have achieved great success with the fighters of "Bell", using a 1942, about 500etih aircraft. Today in the US, you can find two aircraft flying F-39, and the third is reduced for operations in the UK.


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