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Beechcraft 99
Beechcraft 99

Beechcraft 99. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Modifications.



In 1965 the firm "Beech" started the development of the airplane, which was intended for use on the local air lines. An analogue of the future serial aircraft airliner took off in July 1966 years. The new aircraft, designated Beech Model99 Airliner, had mostly configuration Queen Air, but the longer fuselage put up to fifteen passengers and two crew members. On the plane were mounted two turboprop Pratt & Whitney PT6A20, having a capacity of 550l.s .. optional foreseen cargo door and movable partition, provide different cargo-passenger layout. The first production aircraft delivered 02.05.1968, - at the time he was about to Model 99 Executive (alternative), the overall standard tozhde5stvenny Model99 Airliner, but with different "corporate" interiors and layout of chairs and.

Then came ModelA99 and ModelV99 and options for Executive. These airplanes were installed engines PT6A27, having a capacity of 680 hp By 1976 the demand for Model99 fell to 1977, the aircraft production stopped, for having made summaron 64-X operators (mostly US) .164 machines

In 1979 year, "Beech" announced its intention to return the aircraft to the market for regional aircraft lines. To make the certification process more rapid, serial ModelV99 fully converted, it sovrmeennuyu mounted powerplant of two PT6A-36. The plane, which was designated Model S99vzletel 20.06.1980, its production began in September 1980.

The machine has been certified in July 1981, the first deliveries started after two or three days. S99 plane different from Model V99 more powerful motors. Production ended in S99 1986 year - after production 76 aircraft.

In addition, the company "Beech" modified one instance in Model99 PD280 for experiments in 1975 year for stability.


Beechcraft 99 Salon

Beechcraft 99 Salon


20.06.1980 company by the first flight BeechcraftC99 Commuter signaled the return to the market of regional aircraft airlines.

N4799C aircraft was built as Model 99. "Beech" then bought it from "Allegheny Airlines" and changed to be operated as an analog Model S99.

Built in option Model99 in 1968, N4199C aircraft was purchased in the year 1980 "Beech" and changed to analog Model C99. The aircraft was used to 1984 years for testing.

The airline "Air Vegas" provides services similar to "Scenic", but exploited Beech 99 Airliner. The company stopped flying v2004 year.

Aviation company "Sunbird Airlines" - odnaiz many operators who used ventral cargo container "speedpak" on their machines. Model 99 plane may be easily converted to carry cargo in the cab.

The analogue Beech 99 was equipped with round portholes, inherited from the aircraft KingAir. Production aircraft had dual rear-wheel landing gear.

Four Model99 are at the airport in Wichita plant "Beech". These aircraft are intended Aviation Company of Wisconsin, Trinidad, California and Illinois.

The first French operator Beech Airliner - Aviation Company "AirAlpes". N12AK, one of the few aircraft B99, operated by Aviation "AirKentucky AirLines" in 1974-83 years. B99 version was equipped with advanced on-board equipment, which meets FAA requirements for use in areas with more air traffic.

Large military aircraft operators became the Chilean Air Force, bought nine copies in 1970 year. They were used for training navigators and conduct electronic intelligence. These aircraft were designated Petrels, and may be determined by the container under the fuselage with reconnaissance equipment.

Year of the first flight - 1966.

Airlines operating the aircraft: Jamaica Air Shuttle, Arctic Sunwest Charters, North WrightAirways, Kenn BorekAir, Perimeter Airlines, Northwestern Air.


Features Beechcraft 99:


Beechcraft 99 interior schemeLength: 13.6m.

Height: 4.4m.

Empty weight: 2515kg.

Wingspan: 14.0m.

Wing area: 26.0kv.m.

Cruising speed: 350km / h..

Ceiling: 7990m.

Flight range with maximum load: 1680km.

Engines: 2hP & WCPT6A36.

Link: 2x750l.s.

Number of seats: 15mest.

Maximum takeoff weight: 4730kg.


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